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Taking Stock

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

“If you can make people believe absurdities, you can make them commit atrocities.”


The last 17 months have seen an unprecedented expansion of the power of panic.

We are witnessing human collective unconsciousness on a scale unimaginable before the Internet and social media.

I have been unconscious.

I have been compliant.

So I understand the aversion to admitting mistakes and sticking to easy answers and relegation of blame.

I understand the desire to avoid the whole Covid topic altogether and to turn to more pleasant diversions.

This has been a bruising time.

Information overload is impacting many of us.

Everything is polarized and even “sides” don’t agree on all things.

The media has lost its credibility and truth-seekers spend time scouring social media and independent news sites for information and, hopefully, answers.

The political right has long decried the bias of the “liberal media” and the political left has shaken their heads and pointed their fingers at the angry conservative alternative.

It’s why I started this blog.

I wanted a resource where I had access to credible scientific information that was accessible to those of us not trained or engaged in science.

I wanted health information without politics.

And I wanted a resource promoting dignity, respect, and hope.

As it happens, politics has become inextricably bound to our current health crisis.

Not in the style of the waning left/right paradigm (regardless of those exploiting both sides for political gain), but in the move towards and struggle against authoritarianism.

Unfortunately, much about C-19 is not about health or science.

It is about money and control.

The evidence has not swayed the authorities from unscientific measures that have done more harm than good.

The people have been ignored.

Millions marching for freedom around the world would have, in the past, made front page headlines.

Tens of thousands injured and dead from experimental injections without informed consent would have led to an immediate stop of this unnecessary and unproven treatment.

That’s what used to happen, and it made major news.

And in an ideal world, the safe and effective use of prophylactic medicines, supplements, and lifestyle choices would be widely promoted and encouraged.

Human nature being what it is - subjective and imperfect - I’m not naive enough to think that the media, any media, doesn’t have some bias, declared or even undistinguished.

But when I watch this 60 Minutes interview where Mike Wallace hammers the head of the CDC with tough, important questions about vaccine safety, I feel nostalgic…

(October 20 update: This video has now been removed from YouTube. Here's the lower resolution version on Vimeo...)

And I am not a nostalgic person.

I don’t even enjoy looking back and recalling past glories.

I find my inspiration and energy by looking forward.

I am sourced by the understanding that every great challenge contains within it the seed of great opportunity.

In fact, challenge is a necessary part of growth.

It’s why we’re here.

To evolve.

I call it spiritual hormesis.

It’s like exercise.

We strain our muscles to break them down just enough to cause them to grow back stronger.

We are in the midst of such a challenge.

We are facing the strain of uncomfortable growth and potential transformation.

The question is, will we grow back stronger or will we succumb to fear and dis-ease?

I’m going to take August off to consider my “spiritual workout.”

And I’m going to ask for your help with this question, dear reader.

Most of my posts have been designed for busy people who want the gist of the story in under 5 minutes — with an option to dig deeper for those with the time and inclination.

I’m asking you to take the 10-20 minutes you would have spent reading my blogs each week, and in this coming month put them towards this one 75-minute interview.

In it, you will find the kind of inquiry we’ve been missing.

It’s a round-table discussion with a journalist, a former medical director, a physician, a business leader, a lawyer, and an engineer/professional problem solver — the latter being my Irish favourite, the outspoken Ivor Cummins.

This is the kind of uncensored dialogue by a diverse panel representing different constituencies that we desperately need to counter the narrowly focused and unquestioning mainstream narrative.

They tell almost the whole story here, from the beginning…

  • The monkey-see monkey-do knee-jerk reaction of western democracies as they copied China’s severe lockdown measures, based on one man’s recommendation.

  • The grossly inaccurate modelling that caused panic and was used to justify these measures by predicting more than 10 times the deaths than actually happened.

  • The “utter lunacy” of running PCR cycles up to 40-45 times, creating hugely overstated case numbers that have no relationship to actual infectiousness.

  • Why the real number to follow has always been that of excess death.

“[Excess death] is the only measure you can use, because you can only measure a pandemic by more people dying than would have died anyway.” Ivor Cummins

  • The actual risk to children of C-19 versus risk of vaccine injury.

“By injecting children, there is no doubt that you are putting them at a much greater risk than if you didn’t, and that’s a paradigm shift. There’s something radically wrong.” Dr. Martin Feeley

  • The estimates of the damage done by lockdowns.

“…the multiples in deaths caused by the lockdown are 10, 20, and 30 times what were caused by Covid.” Dr. Martin Feeley

  • The paradigm shift of expecting the young to protect the old and the voluntary relinquishment of basic rights.

“Freedom is no longer considered a human right. It’s something that the government gift you.” Tracy O’Mahony
  • The broken promises of the vaccine program and the fear-based division it’s created.

“Two years ago, you’d go out to dinner, you wouldn’t dream of asking somebody, do you take medication for any condition? That would never, ever come up in any kind of normal society. And it’s perfectly acceptable now. Are you vaccinated?” Dr. Alan Farrell

Preaching to the choir and rallies ignored by the mainstream media are not enough anymore.

We need to sit down together and build our community of those open enough to look at the real-world data, to admit any mistakes, and to discuss where we go from here.

As the video participants are requesting, I’m asking you to gather your courageous pride of lions.

Watch this discussion together and decide on your next steps.

I’ll be doing the same.

And so I leave you with this reasoned and sober discussion to consider what's next.

Talk amongst yourselves...


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