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The Big Picture

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

I cannot overstate this - everyone should read this.

Everyone deserves this kind of data-based, thoroughly researched, scientific yet comprehendible, investigative journalism.

If you read only one article about C-19, this is the one.

Not my blog, but this magnum opus of journalism by Julius Ruechel…

I wish I could point to your favourite news agency for this quality (and quantity) of information, but such are the times that we are living in.

I had to wade through Twitter to find courageous scientists and independent journalists, willing to risk reputation and even jobs, who are sharing data and information without the filter of political agendas.

I had to find a variety of reliable resources, each one providing data, articles, interviews, or videos explaining various components of this now endemic virus.

I had to learn to piece together each part to begin to outline the puzzle of pandemic policies that have put our society in peril.

But this.

This massive article does it all - and better than I ever could.

It delves into every aspect of unsubstantiated policies and what their real effects have been, using the government's own data.

You owe it to yourself to read this, even if it takes the whole week.

Broken down into chunks, here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn…

About context…

“Over the past 15 months of the COVID pandemic, a total of 11 children (age 0 to 19 years) have died of COVID in all of Canada (population 38 million). By contrast…an average of 25 children (age 0 to 19 years) die of influenza and pneumonia every year.”

About risk….

“It takes very few infections to lead to an outbreak-linked death in a long-term care facility (1 in 5). But boatloads of people can be infected in nail salons (no outbreak deaths), restaurants (1 in 1004), churches, gyms, and stores (1 in 752), and schools (1 in 9016) while producing next to zero fatalities. Living your life is not dangerous. Having a severe pre-existing health condition or a severely compromised immune system are necessary pre-requisites before you have cause to worry.”

About location location location….

“97% of outbreak-related deaths are in long-term care & hospitals/healthcare!

Add prison populations and that number rises to a full 98.6%!”

“98.6% of outbreak-linked deaths are from infections caught and spread inside the walls of tightly controlled institutional environments, not out in the community.”

About hospital capacity…

“…in Ontario, hospital capacity rarely exceeded 90% at any time during this pandemic and even fell to historic lows (below 70% occupancy) during the first wave, although you may have gotten a different impression from statements of health officials and the scare stories promoted by the media.”

About children...

“Public Health Agency of Canada confirmed that only 36.6% of children hospitalized with COVID were actually admitted with a COVID infection. In other words, a full 63.4% of children were admitted to hospital for treatment for other non-COVID health issues and caught COVID while they were on the inside of the hospital. Hospital transmission, not community transmission.”

About travel restrictions…

“It also is worthwhile to reflect back on the 14.5 million Canadians who have travelled into Canada since the pandemic began. Travel didn't even warrant its own category in the outbreak data despite all the PCR testing and contact tracing that focused almost exclusively on travellers throughout the first wave of this pandemic.”

About the WHO pandemic guidelines…

“The measures used by the government during COVID are "off the chart." Contact tracing, quarantine of exposed individuals, entry screening at buildings and stores, and border closures are not to be used under ANY circumstances. Not only do these "off-the-chart" measures not work...they also heighten fear, which risks triggering panic in the population.”

About seasonality…

“…after every wave of COVID, health officials all around the world persist in taking credit for the natural seasonal downturn in virus activity - a natural and predictable phenomenon. It's like taking credit for the sun rising in the East.”

About current measures…

“…if the government had followed the pandemic planning guidelines and provided focused protection for the vulnerable, while allowing the virus to spread among the rest of society as the winter flu does every winter, then the vulnerable would have been able to get back to their lives after 6 to 8 weeks of carefully guarding their doors.”

“Society-wide lockdowns don't work because the overwhelming majority of people at risk from this virus are already segregated from society. Lockdowns don't add anything the vulnerable don't already have.”

About herd immunity…

“…thousands of people who were not vulnerable during the 1st wave have now been added to the ranks of the vulnerable, perhaps because they became ill with cancer, or leukemia, or heart disease.

And, because many of these once healthy but now sick individuals did not acquire herd immunity while they were still healthy during the first wave, they do not bring any immunity with them to long-term care homes and hospitals, and they do not have the necessary immunity to fight off COVID if they catch it now that they are weak. By denying them the chance to get exposed to the virus while they were strong, they now face a significantly higher risk of death if they are exposed to it while they are weak.”

About human rights…

“…they didn't just ignore guidelines. They systematically and knowingly violated our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is meant to act as the ultimate buffer against this kind of DIY rulemaking. Section 1 of the Charter places the burden of proof on the government to justify any limits put on our rights and freedoms - in a court of law - before it has the right to impose those limits…. It specifically denies government the arbitrary right to decide when some "greater good" is sufficiently important for government to unilaterally suspend our rights and freedoms.”

About collateral damage…

“The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario is overwhelmed by so many children with mental health crises (caused by lockdowns) that it is on the verge of transferring patients to adult hospitals. Overdose deaths are soaring. Hundreds of thousands of medical treatments, surgeries, and diagnostic tests for serious high-risk high-mortality diseases, like cancer, were delayed or cancelled all around the country, priming us for an upcoming wave of additional unnecessary deaths because these patients didn't get the care they needed in the early stages of their diseases. And millions around the world have been pushed into poverty and starvation.”

About experimental vaccines…

“Anyone being offered this vaccine without being fully informed of its emergency use authorization (EUA), the unknown risks that go along with an EUA designation, the lack of long-term studies, a personalized risk/benefit calculation, the pointlessness of it if you already have immunity, and the small number of injuries and deaths documented on VAERS is a victim of coercion. Informed consent requires all of this knowledge, along with the context to understand it. Anything less is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.”

About why this needs to end…

“Instead of battening down the hatches for a single 6-to-8-week wave, these vulnerable are now forced to die in isolation, without the support of their loved ones to help them through the last difficult months of their lives. It is a cruel, terrifying, and undignified end. And it was entirely preventable if our government had just followed the protocols laid out in the pandemic planning guidelines and respected the constitutional rights and freedoms of their citizens. Pinning our hopes on a vaccine only stretched this nightmare out even longer, with deadly consequences. This adventure in DIY pandemic management needs to stop, now.”

This is the story of covid in Canada.

The numbers, the policies, the impact.

But there is so much that applies anywhere where lockdowns, mandatory masking, and coercive vaccination policies are taking place.

I still can’t quite believe what is happening in our once free and democratic country.

I would not have believed it possible.

But if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

However, as Julius says, “…it’s never too late to do the right thing.”

“The task now falls on each of us to help our fellow citizens climb down from their fear.

We need their voices to join ours, not only to regain our lives, but also to rekindle the appetite for a functioning democracy rooted in accountability, transparency, honest debate, and respect for individual rights.”

Please be aware and share.


[As of June 22, in response to reader requests, Julius Ruechel posted a condensed version of this article, along with the key charts and graphs...

He also posted a video of the shorter version, which you can now watch here...


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