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The Real "Vaccine" Story

Don't be gaslit.

They promised you wouldn’t get COVID-19.

Full stop.

They can’t re-write history, though some are trying.

In response to those who made promises about safety and efficacy that they couldn't possibly know they could keep, given that the C-19 shots are still in the trial phase, let's set the record straight.

Here’s what they actually said 👇

You can watch them say it. ☝️

You can also watch this jaw-dropping testimonial that the mainstream media somehow missed last week 👇

A top Pfizer executive publicly stated that they never tested the shot for transmission.

What the…??

An injection that was promoted as the only way through this supposedly life-threatening global emergency was never tested for its ability to stop transmission of C-19.

An experimental “vaccine” was used to justify unprecedented limits on freedom of movement, employment rights, and bodily autonomy with no scientific basis.

But the story gets worse.

Much worse.

The mounting evidence of “vaccine” deaths and injuries from around the world has been evident since the very beginning of the rollout, as we saw from the US VAERS data.

This chart tracks just the heart issues 👉

Every effort has been used to put profit and reputation damage control before people.

But 80 dead doctors in Canada are impossible to ignore.

These aren’t elderly doctors, these are healthy doctors under 70 👇

Earlier this month, Dr. Naomi Wolf pulled no punches when she outed the CDC Director’s culpability in lying about the “safe and effective” injections 👇

And now this from a leading financial analyst, as explained by Canadian pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson👇

We are living in unprecedented times, where unprecedented crimes are being committed.

But we cannot and will not give up.

And, there are signs of life.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra is the respected British cardiologist who went on TV in the UK to encourage people to get the jab.

He is one of many doctors who’ve dug into the data and are now seeing the light.

To his credit, he has publicly admitted his mistake and is now publicly taking responsibility 👇

There are politicians spreading hope as well.

After the Pfizer executive bombshell, the always fearless EU parliamentarian, Christine Anderson, had this to say about vaccine choice 👇

And Alberta’s new Premier made a public apology for the province’s vaccine discrimination, and is looking into the legality of dropping all mandate charges 👇

For those who got the gene therapy, there is also hope.

This week, LibrtiLearn is offering a new workshop to detox nanoparticles.

I have no information on its efficacy, but you can check it out and, if you like, sign up here 👇

It starts tomorrow, so if you want access you'll need to register soon.

In addition, Canada’s own Adverse Effects Reporting System has put out a number of protocols and a detox Survival Guide that you can find here 👇

This is a lot to take in, dear reader.

But we must face the hard cold facts of what we’ve allowed and what is to come.

We have a great task ahead of us.

We will need to take care not only of the sick and dying, but of those awakening to a world they did not know they were living in.

We can do this by cultivating compassion and living in the light of love.

It will not be easy, but it will be worthwhile.

Here’s what’s inspiring me today…


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