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The Truth About Ivermectin

“[Ivermectin] literally is, in my mind, the single greatest public health achievement in our history of infection control in the world.”

Dr. Pierre Kory

13 minutes.

That’s all it will take to watch the latest film from the Plandemic series maker, Mikki Willis.

When I think back to the first Plandemic short, I’m in awe of how brave Mikki was.

Even the word “plandemic” (which my laptop keeps autocorrecting to pandemic) evoked derision and dismissiveness as a not-to-be-taken-seriously fringe film and book about conspiracy theorists, by a conspiracy theorist.

I’m grateful to Mikki and to all the courageous filmmakers and bloggers, rare journalists and politicians, and ordinary people who joined the equally admirable doctors, data heads, and scientists who dared to point out that the emperor had no clothes.

COVID-19 was not a pandemic.

If it was, the World Health Organization wouldn’t have had to change their long-standing definition of a pandemic in order to fit C-19 into the narrative that would change the world forever.

And even though it wasn’t, all efforts should have been made to prevent and provide early treatment for the now ubiquitous illness caused by SARS-CoV-2.

Instead, all outpatient treatment was suppressed.

People had to be nearly or actually dying to be treated — when it was often too late.

I know, you’re already enlightened and alert to the fact that Ivermectin is on the WHO List of Essential Medicines, one of the safest drugs ever created, and that it was smeared and suppressed for the purpose of financial gain.

You can read about this HERE and HERE.

But did you also know that the Public Health Agency of Canada knew this and still suppressed its usage?

Check out these now public internal emails here 👇

As more and more of the truth of the greatest medical hoax in history is revealed, we have the opportunity to help those who still haven’t seen it.

Mikki Willis’ excellent new short film, The Truth About Ivermectin, is yet another credible resource to share with those we care for and about.

You can watch it here 👇

Like all Mikki’s films, it’s available for free.

Because as Mikki explains, if you stole someone’s stuff and tried to sell it back to them, that would be wrong.

“This information belongs to the people. I’m not going to sell it back to them — it was stolen from them…it’s not mine to profit from.”

Check out all of Mikki’s excellent resources and subscribe to his mailing list HERE.

And stay tuned for the soon-to-be released Plandemic 3, coming to a laptop near you.

And that’s no theory.


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