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The Truth About the Freedom Convoy

A quick word.


For those of you who were at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa earlier this year and know the truth of what happened, this is for you.

For those of you weren’t there but saw through the thin veil of lies by the media, this is for you.

And for those of you had the wool pulled over your eyes because you gave your trust to the establishment, this is for you.

Please listen to this seasoned journalist share his observations of the greatest media failure in Canada’s history.

It could be argued that the mainstream media didn’t fail — it followed orders obediently.

But it failed to uphold its duty to the public.

It created fear and division in families and with friends.

None of us got out of the lies unscathed.

For me, as someone who used to work in the industry, it was heartbreaking to hear my own mother tell me I was consorting with right wing extremists.

Me, a (former) card-carrying member of the Green Party, a previous supporter of NDP leader Jack Layton, a protestor against Apartheid and a stand for equality.

The agenda was televised.

Not the truth.

Not the life-changing love-fest of Canadians proud to connect and stand up for freedom for the sake of all our children.

Please listen to this short interview and share it with people.

All people.

Because all people are what we need to uncover the whole truth and put the lies of the past 2 1/2 years behind us. 👇

Now have your voice heard.

The Public Order Emergency Commission is now accepting comments from the public before their hearing starts on September 19th.

Please get your comments in ASAP.

If you were in Ottawa and were witness to the protest and the hundreds of volunteers sweeping streets, feeding the homeless, cleaning graffiti, providing fuel, food, and shelter, or anything else you saw with your own eyes, or experienced with your own heart, please take a few minutes to share the truth.

The Former Premier and First Minister Brian Peckford's organization, Taking Back Our Freedoms, has created an info page with an excellent outline from the Canadian Constitution Foundation on how to submit your comments.

Check it out here 👇

Many of us have felt helpless and even hopeless since the convoy was brutally stopped.

But now we have an opportunity to set the record straight and make a real difference.

Because the truth shall set us free --- and it will also hold those responsible to account for their abysmal behaviour towards the peaceful people of Canada who chose to exercise their democratic rights.

And rights are only upheld when citizens take responsibility.


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