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The Urgent Call of the "Vaccine" Injured

“What the truckers began, the doctors must finish.” Dr. Charles Hoffe

It’s getting so that if a video is deleted by YouTube, Facebook, or any other captured platform, I immediately want to see it and usually share it.

And I’m not the only one.

When the recent sensational Rebel News clip with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla in Davos hit the web and was censored, it went viral and now has nearly 20 million views...

These days, it’s up to each of us to keep this vital information afloat.

Just last week, the courageous Dr. Charles Hoffe gave this rousing 15-minute speech in Vancouver that has also been censored.

Considering how powerful and concise it is, that’s no surprise...

Dr. Hoffe has this radical idea that the College of Surgeons and Physicians should, “return to the ethical practice of medicine.”

“It is never, ever appropriate to give people forced injections. And it is never, ever appropriate to withhold safe and effective anti-viral therapy…and it is never acceptable to cover up evidence of harm for any medical treatment.”

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Many people are relating to our current lack of mandates as a sign that the fight for medical freedom is over.

Unfortunately, it’s just beginning.

More and more pressure is being applied to doctors to continue pushing an injection that governments know is not only ineffective, but actually dangerous...

Millions of people around the world are “vaccine” injured, dead, or dying.

We need to stop listening to those celebrities and so-called experts who have been paid to push the narrative forward.

The following video circulating online has disturbing images of the vax injured.

You may be resistant to watching it but we need to face what we’re dealing with and deal with the disastrous damage we’ve already done.

We owe that to those who are suffering...

Those who pushed the injection need to be held to account.

We can no longer accept that our actions don’t have consequences.

We can no longer pass the buck.

I’ve said it before — no one is coming to save us.

Each of us needs to speak out, share information, discuss next actions, and stop complying with an anti-science, anti-human agenda.

For my fellow Canadians, there is the United Health Conference coming up in Toronto that you can attend.

Click on the image for ticket info 👇

And for all my fellow human beings, you can sponsor me to attend or simply donate.

In fact, the whole conference is a fundraiser for the vax-injured, so any contributions are worthwhile.

You can find out more about the organizers HERE.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a short appeal to stop the shot from some prestigious and courageous doctors I’ve written about here before…

And here’s one more photo for inspiration.

Because we’re never too old to rebel…


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1 Comment

Jan 28, 2023

Excellent information, from and about people who really care for humanity? Please wake up people! We want you to survive and thrive. Anyone who tells you different is of the dark demonic side. Stay in your Light!

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