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Time -Sensitive Resources

A quick notification...

There are many pressing pieces of news and information to share with you, dear reader, but today's resources are only available for free for a limited time, so they’ve moved to the top of my blog topics pile.

Covid Revealed started a free viewing period yesterday, as per my post of last week.

Each day, the filmmakers will release a new episode, usually available to watch for free for 24 hours.

They also usually do a final 24 hour period where you can watch all of the episodes, after which you can buy a copy of the series.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with what’s said, all of the Revealed films (on money, supplements, Christianity, and more) have quality guests and in-depth interviews.

You can sign up here 👇

Oh, and when you register, I get points towards downloading covid e-books — thus giving me more resources to serve you with.

Then there’s Thrive.

Released 10 years ago, this film was a massive eye-opener for many, presciently addressing several of our current issues well before the coronacrisis.

I saw it for the first time only this year, and so it was eerie to see so much expressed in the film that has now become apparent in real life.

This documentary has had over 16 million views on YouTube alone, and you can watch it anytime right here 👇

And now there’s Thrive ll.

This compelling followup is airing for free until December 5th.

With all the dark and potentially depressing documentaries coming out, what I love about the Thrive films is that they succeed in exposing darkness while staying in the light.

In fact, they leave the viewer uplifted and in touch with a sense of a better world that we can create together.

At least, that was the experience my husband and I had when we watched this excellent sequel on Sunday night.

To catch it for free before it’s available through rental or purchasing only, go here to register 👇

If you organize a watch party, let me know!

This would be a great one to watch in community.

So there you go.

Your week’s watchlist laid out.


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