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Trued Up with Vera Sharav

Today, I gush.

I remember a video back in the early days of Covid.

A stylishly dressed woman was speaking at a rally in New York City.

She was small in size but her words were big and bold.

In talking about the threat of the Covid mandates and protocols, she said the unspeakable…

…she referenced the Holocaust.

As a survivor of the camps in Nazi Germany, as someone speaking out about medical ethics for decades, and as someone who lost her own son to an unsafe pharmaceutical drug, she has the moral authority to do so.

But she also has the facts.

As the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, Vera is no stranger to the horrors of medical experimentation. 

I think most of us thought that ended with Nazi Germany.

With the Nuremberg Code.

With the internationally agreed upon principle of informed consent.

How could anyone argue with the idea that we have a right to accurate information and choice around what goes into our bodies?

During the Covid times, this basic human right was dismissed, even ridiculed, with breathtaking ease.

And Vera saw it coming.

Many survivors of authoritarian regimes saw it coming.

They recognized the early signs when most of us couldn’t imagine something so nefarious.

Because of Vera’s own harrowing past, along with her advocacy, she saw the tiptoe to totalitarianism.

And so did many fellow Holocaust survivors, their children and their grandchildren.

Vera took on interviewing many of these people for her documentary series, Never Again is Now Global.

I cannot recommend this free docuseries enough, which you can access, along with my lessons learned, through the link in my last sentence above.

You will hear interviews and perspectives that you won’t hear anywhere else.

You will see for yourself the haunting parallels between the early years of Nazi Germany and the normalization of medical tyranny we’ve seen these past few years.

Perhaps the best thing about the Covidcrisis was that it exposed what has been going on for years.

For decades. 

For centuries.

The use of human beings, including children, as lab rats in dangerous medical research.

The use of propaganda to manipulate a population into its own destruction.

The use of fear to compel us to comply.

Vera Sharav was a young girl when she made the journey to America, but she never forgot the lessons she learned in those first harrowing years.

She understands the nature of creeping authoritarianism.

And rather than be victimized by her history, she became a maverick and a warrior.

She is a heroine to me, and she is my guest today on TruedUp

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Now back to Vera Sharav…

In a culture that worships youth and disregards, dismisses and even denigrates the elderly, there are so few figures of Vera’s age and experience held up as role models.

But as she said, “Our elders carry our history.”

At nearly 87, Vera Sharav is as self-possessed and sharp-minded as anyone half her age.

She is a reminder of a fading culture that once valued its elders — something traditional peoples still practice, and something we would do well to reincorporate into our society.

As history repeats itself, we must look to those who have seen it before.

Wisdom is not learned, it is experienced.

It is Vera’s very being that is my first takeaway from our conversation.

She is also, as I’ve twice mentioned, as stylish as ever.

I was struck by her response to my comments about that.

As a woman, she enjoys expressing her femininity.

The way she looks and carries herself may seem a small point, but I would argue that self-care and self-respect go hand-in-hand.

Malcolm X understood this and his followers followed suit.

Much scientific research has proven this.

In psychology studies, wearing formal business attire increased abstract thinking, and even athletes performed differently depending on what colour they were wearing.

(There is a reason politicians favour navy blue and red.)

I think that today, in our quest for ease and comfort, we’ve lost some of our edge.

The Covid years took it a step further, giving rise to the laptop class and their ability to work from home in their pyjamas.

I confess that I’m often guilty of doing the bare minimum to get dressed and look presentable, in case someone knocks on the door.

But what is the message we’re giving ourselves?

It’s not that we all need to put on a business suit, but my 2nd takeaway is that we can raise the bar in our presentation to the world, by expressing our self-respect and thereby buoying our self-worth.

Of course, age and clothing are far from the most important life lessons Vera imparts in our conversation.

My biggest takeaway was the answer to my ongoing inquiry about what has some people stand up and true themselves up to their values and principles, while others don’t.

“It is the mystery of the individual human being.”

That, Vera asserts, is what those who are trying to control us are working to suppress and ultimately breed out of us through transhumanism.

What cannot be predicted, and therefore controlled, is the human spirit.

There is no formula for finding our way in world.

It is a day by day exploration and invitation to be our best selves.

That is how we create the world we want — by being who we were meant to be.

I’d like to read your key takeaways from my conversation with Vera Sharav.

Please share in the comments section, and stay tuned.

Be true to yourself.

And remember that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

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Sharing and likes are also greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your partnership in outing the truth and being the change. 🙏

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Apr 03

Watched for a second time. A lot of amazing information to take in all at once. Wonderful interview with a most brilliant and delightful Angel warrior, who merits her wisdom from her incredible life experience that began at a very young age, while witnessing a ship load of Jewish children, (she refused to leave the dock) in the guise of "protection from war", being blown to smithereens. This was at the beginning of the WWII ... not much different than today with billions of children worldwide being injected with a diabolical, untested experimental bioweapon. . . Wake up world - your silence, when in the know..., by not speaking the truth for fear of being shunned, is your contribution to…

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Apr 03
Replying to

Unfortunately, there are all too many similarities between today and the beginning of WWll. Thank you for your relentless support and for always sharing your truth. 🙏💙

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