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5 Life Lessons from ‘Never Again Is Now Global’

“Each and every one of us has a moral obligation to correct the wrongs of history.”

Michoel Green

We don’t have the gas chambers, but it’s the beginning…and it’s worse.

This is the premise of a recently released 5-part COVID-19 documentary that anyone interested in connecting the dots and understanding the Big Picture needs to see.

For the uninitiated, this comparison will seem shocking and possibly offensive.

Stay with me.

For the experienced conspiracy theorist (and I say that with affection and appreciation) this may sound like nothing new.

Wherever we are on the road to awakening, there are many lessons to be learned from this incredibly compelling, comprehensive, and enlightening series.

It has always been verboten to invoke any comparison with the Holocaust, given the unprecedented enormity of that 20th century horror.

Even now, with an estimated 13 million dead from the experimental injection, and millions injured and infertile or suffering from the trauma of forced lockdowns and masking, I wouldn’t feel comfortable making the comparison by myself.

But when Holocaust survivor and activist, Vera Sharav, makes it, we should all sit up and pay attention.

“Those who are responsible for the pandemic have used two of the weapons that the Nazis used, which was fear and propaganda.”

Vera Sharav

When the numerous Jewish doctors, rabbis, scholars, activists and survivors point out the similarities, we must consider it.

Because history is repeating itself, and we have a reference as to where it could go.

“Now it’s not in the hands of brown coats. It’s in the hands of white coats.”

Michoel Green

These are just some of the things covered in the Never Again Is Now Global series…

  • The identification and segregation of a minority as a public health risk

  • The forced medical experimentation on people without consent

  • The history of depopulation from Eugenics to trans-humanism

  • The history of academia and disinformation

  • The history of mind control

  • The collusion of Big Business

  • The capture of Big Government

  • The economic “burden” of seniors

  • The “medical murder” of the disabled and elderly

  • The suppression of rights and freedoms “for the greater good”

Sound familiar?

There are so many salient points in this series, so many chilling comparisons between the Nazi’s tactics and measures leading up the the Holocaust with the Covid culture we’ve experienced in the past 3 1/2 years, that it is impossible to do them justice in just one article.

In fact, if you want more analysis, I encourage you to read investigative journalist, Dan Fournier’s, 6-part series on this must-see documentary.

What I’m going to focus on here are the life lessons we can learn.

1. Awaken, develop, and trust your intuition.

“I don’t want to die feeling the same way I did when the Nazis came in.”

Sarah Gross, Holocaust survivor

In the first episode, Ms. Sharav shares a harrowing story about her mother sending her away with orphans so that she had a chance of surviving the war.

Only 4 years old, a young Vera latched onto a family and refused to get on the boat with the other children.

That boat was torpedoed.

There were no survivors.

Vera Sharav immediately understood the power of her instincts, which she has followed her whole long life.

Another Holocaust survivor talks about the importance of going inward and listening to our inner voice.

While the media and academia perpetuate the government’s propaganda, the resisters of the “vaccine” are those who are most educated and those who are least educated.

Could it be that those in the former category did their own research and used their critical thinking, and those in the latter used their instincts, their gut feeling, their common sense?

Even for those who don’t yet recognize the capture of government, media, and medicine, there is a brewing inkling.

A feeling that something’s not quite right.

It could be the people dying around them, suddenly and inexplicably, or it could be something more subtle.

An inner knowing that has mostly been educated out of us, and is something we all need to nurture as we navigate the murky waters of global tyranny.

It is this inherent wisdom that AI cannot predict or control.

And it is this instinctive sense of being that will win the war on humanity.

2. Question everything.

“Why would I take a vaccine for my health, from someone who’s financing and advocating for the reduction of the world population?”

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

There’s often an assumption that our best interests are being served by our democratically elected government.

They’re not.

(And we’re not living in a democracy — but I’ll save that for another time.)

If we’ve learned nothing over the past few years, it is this.

The lessons of history have faded away and our complacency has led to the capture of our institutions.

We’ve had a kind of lazy assumption in Canada that democracy was settled after WWll.

We might argue about the “other side” of the political spectrum and begrudgingly accept when they win an election, but we seem to have lost our ability or motivation to step back and look at the big picture — beyond the so-called right-left spectrum.

All our major political parties have succumbed to the same narrative.

Not one of them questioned the Covid policies that did exponentially more harm than good.

They all silently stood by as medical Apartheid was implemented.

This alone should be enough to keep us up at night.

Among the lessons we were supposed to have learned from Nazi Germany was the idea that marginalizing one group of people leads to horrible outcomes.

And it doesn’t start with concentration camps.

It took years of divisive government propaganda, promoted by the media and academia, to dehumanize a segment of the population, to have people carry identity papers and to ultimately question whether they should be tolerated — beginning with blaming them for spreading disease.

Canada was founded on the idea of peace, order, and good government.

It’s easy to see why we could become so compliant, but that’s not an excuse.

We cannot relinquish responsibility to others by assuming everything is just fine.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and when We the People are not holding our elected representatives to, well, represent us, those representatives will fill the void, forwarding their own interests.

“Obedience is the road to slavery.”

Vera Sharav

Nazi Germany didn’t start with the camps.

The road to the Final Solution was built brick by brick, one supposedly necessary step after another, “for the greater good.”

What does that actually mean?

And who is it actually good for?

These are just some of the questions we must ask before we so readily relinquish our rights.

3. Develop the courage to tell the truth.

“To be silent is to consent.”

Dr. Aaron Lewis

We have created a culture of carefulness in what we say.

The seeds were sewn decades ago with the idea of political correctness, which has grown into the weeds of wokeness.

The C-19 narrative seized on this insidious spread and took censorship to an unprecedented level — at least in living memory.

Who would have imagined that the mere questioning of experimental injections or mandatory masking could have divided families and torn lifelong friendships apart?

Even now, I find myself wanting to edit what I say in a way I haven’t done since I was an insecure teenager trying to find my place in the world.

It requires constant vigilance to notice self-censorship, to find the courage to step beyond that toxic inclination, and to speak out when we know something is wrong.

We can learn this lesson even from our adversaries.

They keep telling us the truth of their plans, but somehow we’re not listening, not believing, or just not willing to share.

They have repeatedly spoken of depopulation, of The Great Reset, of 15-minute cities, of a programable currency, of putting chips under our skin.

The problem is that we either don’t believe them, don’t want to believe them, or don’t want to risk being disliked, embarrassed, or wrong about believing them.

These minor personal risks are now irrelevant.

They’re not just coming after one group, they’re coming after all of us.

As Dr. Zelenko said, “We’re all Jews now.”

4. Understand that nice people can do evil things.

“You don’t have to be evil to do evil. You don’t have to decide to do wrong things to do wrong things. You simply have to comply.”

David, grandson of Nazi collaborators

One of the biggest questions people ask about the Holocaust is how so many people went along with what happened.

Why did the Jews follow orders?

Why did the Germans comply?

Until we understand that the march towards totalitarianism doesn’t start with high-kicking jackboots, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes of tolerance.

One of the biggest eye-openers in Never Again is the point made by both descendants of the victims and the perpetrators.

In the beginning, the Nazis didn’t present themselves as the bad guys.

They were trying to help, so they said.

In the beginning, the sacrifices weren’t so bad.

Jews were supposedly segregated for their own benefit, and taken to camps “to help them.”

After relentless propaganda, the measures taken were considered necessary.

I’m pretty sure that the people who snitched on neighbours defying lockdowns, or stood by as the maskless were assaulted and arrested, who did nothing as those who chose not to follow unscientific mandates to inject themselves were fired and shunned, or got fake “vax passes” to ensure their own comfort, consider themselves good people.

This compliance, this complacency, is at the heart of this catastrophe.

People in Nazi Germany became monsters slowly, as they had to make harder and harder choices.

Evil is as evil does…or doesn’t do.

We need to come to terms with the fact that a few thousand sociopaths with inhuman agendas cannot control billions of people without our consent.

Which leads to the next lesson…

5. This is the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes.

“It’s a race between enslavement and expansion of global human consciousness.”

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Perhaps the biggest challenge we have right now is that people don’t want to know that there are those who want to control us, to hurt us, to kill us.

And if they do know, they don’t think they have any say about what happens next.

After 3 years of hardship, most people just want to get back to normal.

But there is no normal as we knew it, and there never will be.

As Vera Sharav said, lockdowns were a dry run.

If the whole plan is implemented, there will be no escape.

There will be no one left outside of the prison walls, other than those very few at the “top.”

“There will be no rescuers if people march into the concentration camps they have in mind for us.”

Vera Sharav

We are only beginning to understand the monstrous implications of the technologies being put in place right now.

I know this sounds dire and defeatist.

It most certainly is urgent but it is not hopeless.

In fact, what is happening right now is the greatest opportunity of our lives.

We are being called to rise up to our greatest selves, to be the people we know we can be.

When we remove all our self-doubts and self-limitations, we know that we were born for greatness.

We were born to make a difference for ourselves, for others, and for the world.

Those who would suppress and oppress us have more money and more weapons.

But we have something that AI cannot predict, understand, or even touch.

We have love — the most resilient, expansive, unpredictable and powerful force in the universe.

It is this force that we need to ignite inside ourselves.

It is this force that shines so brightly in the freedom movement around the world.

It is this force that I invite you to expand and share as you watch Never Again Is Now Global.

“What's relevant is the ability of the human soul to thrive and reach its fullest potential, without evil and tyrannical forces trying to enslave them. And that is a hill worthy to die on.”

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko


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Aug 13, 2023

I tried to make a donation, but it seems that can only be done using PayPal, which I don't use. Is there any other way to donate to you? Thanks for this great piece summing key lessons and the link to this valuable documentary.

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Aug 13, 2023
Replying to

I hear you, Tricia, and I agree! I'm in the process of redoing my website. I will not be using PayPal. You can e-transfer a donation to Thanks for sticking to your principles...and thank you for the support! 🙏💙


Aug 12, 2023

Thank you for sharing your discoveries of the Truth that has been shrouded from humanity via "propaganda" under the guise of "safe and effective!" Edward Bernais, nephew of Sigmund Fraud, wrote in his 1928 book, "Propaganda", "Those who control the media control the masses!" In 1933, Chief Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebel asked Edward to work with him... He refused and later regretted writing the book.

The demons have used the same tactics in every war since WWI, with embellishments added to them. They are not the creators... we are! They can only take/steal from us what we willingly give to them.

FEAR Not and stand in your power of Creation! We are the creators of our world!


Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Aug 13, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for your insightful comments, and for creating along with me. 🙏💙


Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Aug 12, 2023

On the other hand, unless it's to find tweets or see what's on NCC, don't go near Spencer Fernando.


Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Aug 12, 2023

Brad Salzberg should be of serious interest to you. His articles lay out in crystal clear terminology exactly what is happening without preaching about what we are supposed to be doing. He has also gone into non-flowery detail about the path we are on and how the game actually is being played.

The lessons of history were not kept out of our classrooms (especially in my time) for nothing. All this was being done to diminish and even dull the suspicions of the existence of the Holocaust. The ultimate aim was to prevent the targets from being able to stop the perpetrators from waging their war.

For proof, take a look at footage of the U.S. invasion of Iraq going…

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Aug 13, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for your always insightful comments, Robert. I'll check him out. 🙏💙

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