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Uninformed Consent

“To follow the science, follow the Silenced.”


What will it take to awaken those who don’t yet see?

There are many in the freedom movement who no longer believe it is possible for people to see the truth of medical fraud and malfeasance, of government incompetence and corruption, of an eerie agenda by unelected, self-selected leaders and molders of the future, if they haven’t seen it by now.

They have moved on and are working simply to save their own rights and establish sovereignty and security only in their own communities.

They believe that those who are still hypnotized by the mainstream narrative are lost forever.

But I can’t bring myself there.

Maybe it’s my stubborn insistence on trying to have people understand that keeps me engaged in attempting communication with those who continue to blindly follow, no matter the evidence.

I think I just can’t accept that any human being is worth giving up on.

Maybe it’s self-preservation for my world view that all human beings are worth standing for.

Surely we all (other than psychopaths and sociopaths) have the capacity to feel compassion, to develop discernment, to cultivate critical thinking.

I may be naive, but I’m not giving up yet.

I can’t imagine a world where we no longer strive for what’s possible and dismiss people as lost causes.

What does that say about our own humanity?

Today, I am grateful to Todd Michael Harris of Matador Films for his new film, Uninformed Consent.

Maybe this could be the straw that breaks the Mass Formation Psychosis back.

Watch this film tonight.

If you’re already aware of what’s happening with the experimental injection, you may learn nothing new.

But if you’re like me, you may need a booster shot of hope in these dark and seemingly hopeless times where children are injected with a poison that is far more dangerous to them than the virus it purports to protect them from.

This film is an offering of love and logic to those who might still be willing to see what is right in front of their eyes.

Among the many powerful and important points covered by a slew of credible experts in Uninformed Consent, airing for FREE on the social media platform, LIBRTI, you’ll find the following…

  • The definition of a vaccine and why the C19 shot is not one

  • Why the shot is a biological weapon

  • The lack of scientific rigour in the C19 shot rollout, including the skipping of animal trials

  • The removal of the need for parental consent for the shots

  • The long history of silencing doctors and scientists that go against Big Pharma profit

  • The cult of Covid

  • The denial of natural immunity

  • The profit motivation of partners Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci

  • The suppression of early treatment

  • Fauci’s dark past with the deadly AIDS drug AZT

  • The regulatory capture of Health Canada and why it no longer serves the people

  • Why the FDA requested Pfizer docs be suppressed for 55 years

  • How government has been captured with 2 Pharma lobbyists for every member of Congress

  • The lack of adherence to the internationally agreed upon Nuremberg Code

  • The massive coercion campaign by governments and media

  • The huge uptick in aggressive cancers due to the shots

  • Myocarditis in kids caused by the shots

  • Why countries with the highest jab rates have the highest hospitalizations and death rates

  • How peaceful non-compliance is the only solution.

And more.

I share all this because I want you to know how comprehensive this film is and how impossible it is to ignore, once you’ve listened and watched.

As they say in all unoriginal film reviews, “If you watch only one film this year….”

We cannot count on any part of the establishment to save us anymore.

Does that sound cynical?

It’s not.

It’s an awakening to personal responsibility and our power to affect change.

If I’ve learned nothing else over the past 2 1/2 years, it’s that no institution, no authority, no nebulous “they” are coming to save us.

We, the people, need to research any information we use to make any decisions in our lives.

We, the people, need to practice and hone our critical thinking, instincts, and discernment.

We, the people, need to stand up and share the truth with each other.

Spread the word, friends.

Share the film...


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