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Vax Populi

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Do you ever wonder why I put quotes around the word “vaccine” when referring to the C-19 “vaccine?”

Or why I use the words “injection,” “shot,” or “jab” instead?

I’m not being glib or making a political point.

I’m trying to accurately follow the scientific and legal definition of a vaccine:

"A preparation of killed or attenuated living micro-organisms, or fraction thereof, that upon administration stimulates immunity that protects against disease.”

This particular therapy is not that.

Despite the lack of mainstream media coverage, many doctors and scientists have been pointing this out.

The Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” function in a completely different way, using messenger RNA (mRNA) technology instead.

The injections contain no C-19 virus fragment, but instead send foreign genetic material into your system...

“...instructing the cell to create a piece of the ‘spike protein’ that is found on the C-19 virus.”

The key point here is, that’s never been done before, and people are relating to them like they’re just another proven, standard vaccine.

Dr. Peter Doshi is editor of the British Medical Journal and a professor who teaches, “a required course on how to critically appraise the medical literature” in pharmacy school.

In a recent testimonial at a panel discussion held by US Senator Ron Johnson in Washington, DC, Dr. Doshi pointed out some disturbing and pertinent information.

“[These mRNA products are] qualitatively different than standard vaccines….Just because we call it a vaccine, don’t assume that these new products are just like all other childhood vaccines which get mandated.”

But following the recent trend of morphing language, where a medical “case” and even “pandemic” no longer mean what they have always meant, the dictionary definition of “vaccine” has been changed.

Listen to Dr. Doshi’s calm, critical thinking when he asks some key questions we should all be asking…

“If hospitalizations and deaths were almost exclusively occurring in the unvaccinated, why would booster shots be necessary?”

“If it is true that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, what does that even mean?”

Especially when actual hospitalizations and deaths are telling a different story.

This is just one local snapshot…

As the professor also points out, the vaccine trials “did not show a reduction in death.”

“My point is not that I know the truth about what the vaccine can and cannot do. My point is that those who claimed the trials showed the vaccines were highly effective in saving lives were wrong.”

Watch his short testimonial here 👇

On October 29,2021, The Lancet published a study proving that the shot does not stop transmission…

“…fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts.”

Even Anthony Fauci has said this.

But just recently, so did the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus…

"The vaccine does not prevent COVID but it does prevent serious illness and death.”

And, the WHO does not recommend the vaccine for children...

So why, we must all ask ourselves, are governments pushing children and punishing the unvaccinated with mandates, targeted lockdowns, and vaccine passports?

Again, even the Pharma-funded WHO leader said this about these anti-scientific papers:

"We are not recommending [vaccine passports]…the certificate could be discrimination.”

After months of shocking mandates and brutal measures in Australia, there is some truth-telling by the media…

And yet, Austria has now locked down only the unvaccinated, despite the evidence and warnings above...

And now Austria is set to force the "vaccines" on their entire country...

This should ring alarm bells for all of us.

Here in Canada, where illogical, unscientific vax passes continue to keep many of us from earning a living and participating in society, a student was handcuffed and arrested for not being vaccinated and not wearing a mask...

And then arrested again -- carried out by his arms and legs...

What is arguably more disturbing is that not one of his classmates said anything.

What kind of society are we building?

What does any of this have to do with health?

When will we say, enough?

Tomorrow is the World Wide Freedom Rally.

Over 140 cities will be participating.

Find your nearest location HERE.

And let’s speak truth to power…with one voice.


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