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What is the Agenda?

Updated: May 23, 2021

Never underestimate people’s intelligence.

Never overestimate their knowledge.

media maxim

Why do we do what we do?

To use an actor’s cliché, what’s my motivation?

I don’t need to tell you that there is a LOT of rhetoric flying around about what’s being said about C-19, but not enough about why it’s being said.

Why is there such a gap between what we hear from our politicians and the media, and what some of the world’s leading scientists are saying? (See my previous blogs.)

Why are world-class scientists, including professors from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford, being publicly attacked for saying lockdowns don’t work?

Who do you believe?

We’re told to follow the science, but most of us think that following what politicians and the media tell us about the science is sufficient.

We’re assuming that they all understand the science and know how to read the data.

They don’t.

I don’t.

This is why I’m taking a free online course by Yale University call Understanding Medical Research - Your Facebook Friend is Wrong.

(I’ve included a link should you wish to join me.)

It’s for laypeople like me.

And while I’m a little nervous about studying something so far outside my area of expertise, I’d like to be able to look directly at the studies and determine if they’re accurate and what they actually mean.

In the meantime, I follow the scientists who do understand.

Those scientists who have everything to lose - jobs, reputations, money - by sharing what Irish health expert, Ivor Cummins, calls the "technical truth."

Not opinions or interpretations, but scientific fact as established by the scientific method.

These are among the heroes of this crisis.

These are the people putting integrity above all else.

So why is everyone else following along the lockdown, mandatory masking, pandemic narrative?

This excellent documentary offers a possible explanation.

I’ll leave it to you to decide what’s happening, what it means, and what there is to do about it.

We must all look behind the curtain and ask, what is the motivation of those who are giving us our information?

What is the agenda of those who are making the rules?

You won’t want to miss this one…


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