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Witnessing the Wounded

“Contemplation is an exercise in keeping your heart and mind spaces open long enough for the mind to see other hidden material.”

Richard Rohr

Contemplation, while a threat to the ego, gives us access to the greatest freedom.

When we exercise rational thinking without deep contemplation, all we do is search for evidence to support our existing opinions.

Thus, we have rationalization for what we already "know."

That is the ego, our surface identity, asserting and strengthening itself —

This is what I already think.

And here’s more evidence for why I already think this.

But what’s available when we allow ourselves to look beyond what we “know?"

A whole world of knowledge and wisdom and compassion.

My worldview has been blown apart in the past year.

My ego has been faced and fought.

I’m not saying it no longer exists, but I no longer listen to it like it’s real and always right.

I was a lifelong leftist, though I had long abandoned any affiliation with or use for the left/right political paradigm.

But in general, I trusted the motives of the left more than those of the right.

It is clear to me now that power is power.

As Lord Acton famously wrote, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

What’s happening in the world right now is an unprecedented grab for and use of power.

I used to believe that most people behaved with integrity —thus our lack of complete anarchy.

But there are levels of integrity, and being true to or even present to one’s core values, one's true self, is the hardest and most rare adherence.

I believe that people are inherently good and decent, however most people are not yet fully conscious.

We will go along with incorrect information and unjust policies because it’s easier to comply than to dig deeper, think newly, and go against the crowd.

It takes less time and energy.

Once we know the truth, the responsibility to carry it alone becomes too heavy to bear.

Our ego, our identity, constructed and buoyed by trying to fit in and look good, knows this.

Better for it to remain in darkness and claim ignorance if and when the time comes.

“We didn’t know.”

The only alternative is to share the burdensome truth — as uncomfortable, inconvenient, and confronting as it may be.

All this the ego knows.

But what it doesn’t reveal to us is that we will not be hurt, damaged, or destroyed when we let go of our protective shield of thinking we already know the answers — it will.

On the other side of confronting this false dichotomy, bury your head or have it chopped off, is freedom.

Freedom to look at a situation directly, without prejudice, and to experience it for what it is.

Freedom to think, feel, and act beyond a desire to survive.

Freedom to contemplate with all our faculties, not just the ego-driven thinking and resulting emotion, but what Richard Rohr, Franciscan friar and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation, calls “full-access knowing — prerational, nonrational, rational, and transrational all at once."

Today, I’m moving through the discomfort of the unknown with you.

I’m asking you to share the burden of truth with 3 courageous frontline healthcare workers.

Why I think this is important to the covid story is because much of what we debate is intellectual.

We discuss what percentage of deaths, what populations, what policies.

But this is a story impacting people.

We cannot comprehend on a deep level, the impact on millions of people, but we can do so with a few individuals.

These women have suffered neurological damage from the C-19 injections.

And they’re not the only ones.

We need to look this reality in the eye.

While we debate the accuracy of VAERS numbers, we need to acknowledge real people’s real pain and suffering.

Putting aside whether or not these injections are generally safe and effective, why is the suffering of those injured being denied and even censored?

If I was a vaccine manufacturer creating a product in good faith, I would want to know exactly what was working and for whom, and exactly what wasn’t.

I’d want to keep tweaking and honing until I achieved maximum benefit and minimal harm.

This is a foundational scientific, and human, principle — not to mention, good business.

Why, we must ask, have vaccine injury support groups been deleted from social media?

Why are vaccine manufacturers denying victims? Why is the media ignoring them?

This is unprecedented.

So instead of sharing data today, I’m sharing these personal stories.

After being passed off from doctor to doctor, as their convulsions and pain were dismissed as psychological, these women reached out on social media.

They were so desperate to find solutions that they posted the most vulnerable videos of themselves dealing with these horrific neurological systems.

Some of the responses reflect the absolute worst of human behaviour.

Not just disbelief, but denial of their authenticity, anger and accusation, and even mocking.

They’ve had to battle social media mechanisms that automatically delete their videos, posted in an earnest attempt to find help.

Thankfully, they found each other and began to form a modest support group.

All 3 have lost their jobs, have no income, no workers’ compensation, and all medical claims have so far been denied.

They’ve had to start GoFundMe pages to pay their medical bills.

The vaccine manufacturers are sending them in circles, in one case sending the same forms to fill out 4 times.

And still no action.

The mainstream media has ignored them.

In fact, a planned interview with Dr. Oz was dropped with no explanation.

This is not an anti-vax story.

This is about looking at the face of vaccine injury.

If healthcare workers are our frontline heroes, shouldn’t they be treated as such?

Shouldn’t they be cared for and listened to, especially when they sustain on-the-job injuries?

VAERS has become a battleground topic.

When I search the Internet, I find vastly differing views.

Opposing claims are made that vaccine injuries are grossly exaggerated or grossly under-exaggerated.

The insight of these healthcare workers is worth considering.

In their many years of working in the medical industry, not only did their facilities not report vaccine injuries and deaths to VAERS, these women had never even heard of VAERS.

Ultimately, this is not a story about whether or not you should get a C-19 vaccine, but about why those injured are being shut up, shut down, and shut out.

As these women point out, if you get Covid, you get treated.

If you get vaccine-injured, there is no treatment.

In fact, there is often no acknowledgement.

And that is the point.

We must bear witness.

We must hear testimony.

We must open our hearts and minds to information beyond our ego's comfort and “knowing.”

“Our lives are just as important as the people who got Covid.”

Angelia Desselle

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