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Blog Bite - Pro Safety

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

There is no medical treatment more contentious than the C-19 injection.

There is a case to be made for targeted usage for the vulnerable, and I support everyone’s right to choose what’s best for them, preferably based on informed consent.

The problem is, the informed part isn’t being provided to the public.

When the dust settles, health and government agencies will be held to account for damaging policies that have hurt and even killed many.

We will do so because they have broken the public trust by promoting an experimental injection under the guise of a cure-all that is safe, effective, and approved.

As you’ll learn in today’s interview, it appears to be none of these things.

At least, not according to the latest scientific research, studies, and data.

I’ve posted a previous interview with the very impressive Dr. Peter McCullough, where he shares his shift from recommending the shot to his patients to advocating strongly for an end to this particular program.

He’s had Covid (which he cured).

His father’s had Covid (which he cured).

He’s had family die of Covid.

And he is the most published Covid doctor in America, and possibly the world.

In this interview, he sites many of the studies I’ve seen and read about, but still managed to drop my jaw.

Find out why it is that the vaccinated that have become the “super-charged super-spreaders of the Delta variant.”

Listen to the research on the vast superiority of natural immunity, and how an informed man of science would have handled this virus with safety precautions consistent with a physician’s oath to “first do no harm.”

This is not a political interview.

In fact, Dr. McCullough declines to speculate on weaponization of vaccines or any other theoretical matters.

In double fact, like most doctors speaking out, he has much to lose.

But he maintains a rigorous commitment to scientific principles and medical ethics.

Judge for yourself…


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