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How to Avoid Death

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

How do I begin the most important story of our lifetime?

And if you think that’s an exaggeration, you won’t by the time you watch today’s interview in its entirety.

I struggle with this a lot lately, as the evidence pours in faster than I can collect, digest, and calmly, accurately, and succinctly share it.

But I have never felt as compelled to share the truth as I do now.

Does this sound dramatic?

Well, truth, as we know, is stranger than fiction, so you must forgive a little drama.

I wish it was a fiction, but I think you’ll agree that it’s hard to argue with these facts.

I’ve been trying to put the pieces together here in this blog, to understand them for myself.

The faulty PCR tests, the redefining of medical “cases,” the unprecedented and dangerous use of lockdowns, the hazards of mandatory masking and experimental injections, the effective yet banned treatments we’re not using, including Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, the actual risk of dying of C-19 vs the fear-based models and misreading of data that have proven so wildly inaccurate, the seasonal spread of this virus, the variants, the origins, the dangers of vaccine passports and hidden agendas.

But I cannot do it justice like the man who led the charge for early treatment of Covid-19.

Let’s just stop for a moment to consider this.

Why, after all this time, are there no early treatments?

Why are people told to go home and isolate, and only if they get sick enough that they can’t breathe do we allow them treatment?

It’s unimaginable that that would happen with any other disease.

And so it should be unimaginable, but here we are.

If you watch only one video, I can’t recommend anything more than this recent interview with Dr. Peter McCullough.

Click the image to watch...

I could write a blog solely about his credentials, but I’ll let you check them out HERE and just say that this is a sweeping, detailed chronology of the covid treatment story that no one is better qualified to tell.

From the beginning, Dr. McCullough advocated, publicly and loudly, for a focus on treating those who were vulnerable so that they could avoid hospitalization and death.

But for some reason, there was a massive undertaking to avoid any early treatment of covid.

Think about this.

Rather than having doctors trying and sharing different treatments to see what worked to prevent hospitalization, doctors were actively told to do nothing.

People were allowed to get sick enough to be hospitalized, and only then treated when it was usually too late.

There is no precedent for this.

There is no excuse.

“To assume that there’s nothing one can do is an enormous blunder.”

In this interview, you will learn about the suppression of data supporting nutritional supplements for early C-19 treatment support.

You will learn about the fake study in The Lancet medical journal that turned the proven use of Hydroxychloroquine upside down.

“Everyone started pulling it. The FDA pulled it for all use. Then it went to the AMA, then the pharmacy boards. Then doctors’ licenses were threatened….Then there was a chilling effect on any outpatient treatment.”

The US government and its health agencies began a campaign to stop its usage, despite the overwhelming evidence of its effectiveness.

“It’s the most studied and utilized therapeutic in the world for Covid-19 today. There are hundreds and hundreds of studies. And Hydroxychloroquine was appropriately acquired and stockpiled by the US government.”

And yet its effectiveness was questioned and its use suppressed.

“…to this day, we still have not had a doctor in any position of authority in the United States, who’s actually ever seen a patient with Covid-19 and treated them.”

You will learn about faulty studies and even the NIH’s own clinical trial of Hydroxychloroquine.

“Disingenuously, they said they couldn’t find Covid-19 patients, and they shut down a several thousand patient trauma [centre]. They shut it down after 20 patients.”

A study from The Mayo Clinic said Hydroxychloroquine caused a scar on the heart.

Dr. McCullough tracked down the publishers and demanded a retraction, and got an admission that they weren’t really sure.

“[Hydroxychloroquine] is a poster child for world wide comprehensive efforts to suppress early treatment.”

But the suppression didn’t stop there.

Ivermectin was the next treatment to show incredible effectiveness in both inpatient and outpatient care, and even as a preventative.

“…not a single academic medical centre today, or community medical centre today, treats Covid-19 patients as an outpatient with the goal of reducing hospitalizations and deaths. Why would these centres not want to help their patients?”

At about 55 minutes into the interview, Dr. McCullough shares a moving story about treating his elderly father for C-19.

Though he had underlying health conditions and was very ill, Dr. McCullough was able to prevent his father’s hospitalization and death using his treatment protocols that could have reduced hospitalization and death in other Americans by 85%.”

“…we have 600000 dead Americans that were not treated appropriately, and not treated to the best of the ability of their doctors. And that will go down in historical shame for our country.… the vast majority of them didn’t get an ounce of treatment, in fact there were medical groups that adopted policies that they weren’t going to even answer the calls of Covid-19 patients, and there were millions of patients needlessly hospitalized.”

And it’s not just the withholding of treatment, but the policies we did use, that created unnecessary damage.

“…this virus is treatable. Everything that we’ve done for this virus, we’ve made it far worse.”

After outlining a clear succession of events to globally suppress early treatment, Dr. McCullough reveals the most shocking information about the lack of established regulatory protocols for the implementation of use of C-19 EUA vaccines.

“They’re making the problem worse than what it is, making the case numbers look higher than what it is, making the mortality numbers look worse - many methods to make things look out of proportion to what they are…in order to promote mass vaccination.”

He asks the questions we should all be asking, including, why are we vaccinating people who have already had C-19?

“They have complete and robust, permanent immunity. No one’s ever challenged the immunity of a covid-recovered patient. Why are we vaccinating them?”

And why are we continuing to use these experimental injections when so much harm has already been done?

“As we sit here today in May, we have over 4000 vaccine-related deaths, and over 10000 hospitalizations. The limit to shut down a program is about 25 to 50 deaths. Swine Flu, 1976, 25 deaths, they shut down the program. It’s not safe….this is far and away, the most lethal, toxic, biologic agent ever injected into a human body in American history.”

It is hard to refute Dr. McCullough’s assertion that, “Covid-19 is not about the virus, it’s about the vaccine.”

“It’s passed all the thresholds to being a safe product. It’s not a safe product. None of them are….There are now papers, written by prominent scientists, calling for a worldwide halt in the program.”

In a methodical outlining of the progression of events, Dr. McCullough explains how the medical establishment, led by government health organizations, withheld treatment that could have saved tens of thousands of lives.

He explains the systematic suppression of effective early treatments and the priming of the population to submit to an unproven and dangerous vaccine.

He goes on to speculate as to the why.

After listening to the whole story, I am finding his answer to be stranger than fiction.

Please listen and share.


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Jun 22, 2021

This is incredible. Sad and uplifting, all in. It makes me glad I am me; that I tried and am trying to bring logic to scenarios. That, from the get go, I looked and am looking to the science and the data and have never fell for the fear narrative --- or wasted valuable time stockpiling toilet paper.

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Jun 22, 2021
Replying to

haha. I hear what you're saying. For all the rhetoric about crazy conspiracy theorists, I look back at the prominent, world-class physicians, scientists, and data heads I've featured here and know that I'm in good company. As much as people try to polarize us, we must continue to follow the science and expose the truth - even when it disproves our beliefs.

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