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Blog Bite - Pro Science

Yup. I said it.

It’s about the science.

It may be a cliché at this point, but it has to be said — we need to open the discussion and let the best science win.

There is too much at stake to continue reducing the conversation to an “us against them” false division created by conquering politicians.

This is not a frivolous egoic battle of opinions.

There is something rotten in the state of, well, the world.

Until now, I have not been definitively against the targeted use of the Covid shot.

I have vaccinated and unvaccinated friends and have rejected the false and derogatory label of “anti-vaxxer.”

I’ve focused on sharing adverse events that are being dismissed or ignored, promoting informed consent, standing for the right to choose, examining actual data, and supporting the usefulness of vaccines for the vulnerable.

But today’s video is a vaccine game changer.

I know, another cliché.

Here's one more…

If you watch only one thing about this topic, let it be this.

Then ask yourself, should we pause the vaccine program?

Or at least make it an option only for those who may benefit, based on a risk assessment?

Today, I’m sharing a familiar hero in the world of medical integrity, as well as a new player to this platform.

Dr. Robert Malone may be known to you from several past posts.

As the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, who works with the US government, and has had the C-19 shot himself, you’d be hard pressed to throw the usual anti-vax epithet at him.

The same goes for Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, another giant in vaccine development.

He has worked for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and was the Program Manager for GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (among his many, many credentials).

“[Dr. Vanden Bossche] may be the most important voice in the world today.” Del Bigtree

Surely we should be listening to these guys.

Dr. Vanden Bossche, with real world experience in rolling out mass vaccination programs, warned against vaccinating into a pandemic and predicted the problems we’re starting to see.

I have to say, when I first heard his warnings several months ago, I wasn’t sure.

They seemed too outrageous, too inconceivable.

I didn’t share.

But as his predictions come true, I am gobsmacked by the fact that he and other real experts weren’t consulted.

In this interview, you’ll hear why.

No, it’s not a conspiracy.

More accurate would be last month’s description of emergent behaviour as it pertains to bureaucrats who’ve never dealt with a situation like this.

Dr. Malone should know.

He has intimate insider understanding of how governing health bodies work.

“The [vaccine mandate] policies are irrational. And I think they reflect a certain amount of frantic activity on the part of public policymakers. I think they’re at a loss about what to do.”

But it is Dr. Vanden Bossche’s explanation of the science behind the growing number of hospitalizations in the vaccinated that should be required learning for every adult making a decision about policy, about their own choice to vaccinate, and certainly about their children.

“…in vaccinated people they exert a lot of immune pressure on the virus. And this is in fact an ideal breeding ground for more infectious strains. So the more you vaccinate, the more you’re going to see that you’ll not succeed in bringing down the infectious pressure.”

In countries that have high vaccination rates, excess death is on the rise.

You owe it to yourself to watch and understand why we need as many unvaccinated people as possible — and it’s not just about having a control group.

Vaccines target only the original strain of the virus, allowing more virulent strains to thrive.

Natural immunity covers all of them.

“[We need the unvaccinated] to reduce infectious pressure. And those who get the disease, they will build…a long-lived immunity and also contribute to diminishing infectious pressure.”

Watch and learn…


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