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Blog Bite - Pro Understanding

Remember the halcyon days of people singing from balconies?

Banging pots in praise of our frontline brothers and sisters?

Remember the fun in finding new, inventive ways to exercise, learn, and socialize on Zoom?

Remember the tinge of pride we took in being part of an experiment for "the greater good?"

Those were the days when we believed it was just "2 weeks to flatten the curve" -- though we really didn't understand that "flatten the curve" only meant that we were apparently trying to space out hospitalizations so as not to overload the system all at once, even though years of hospital overcrowding never resulted in building long-overdue facilities.

"Flatten the curve" never meant wipe out C-19 or the spread.

That was always and remains an impossible goal that has fuelled untold damages.

Of course, it was no real sacrifice for those of us wealthy enough to enjoy what was for many an unaffordable luxury.

The service workers without the option to work from home.

The working class parents who had no means of providing online education for their children.

The mentally ill who did not have the capacity for additional stress.

As the reality has begun to settle in, let's look at and never forget the cost of lockdowns.

Thank you to Justin Hart at Rational Ground for compiling this sobering list.

(Click on any part of the screenshots 👇and you'll be taken to the original article with active links.)

(My apologies for the spacing issues. There were too many links to screenshot them all at once.)


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