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Canada's True Colours

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

"…the truckers are backed 100% by the science. And we are willing to make the argument for them.”

Dr. Paul Alexander

I’ve started writing 3 different blogs over the past 3 days.

Such is the pace of change in the story of Canadians rising up from 2 years of unscientific mandates that have ruined relationships, well-being, mental health, businesses, and trust in government and even medicine.

It’s not that I expect to provide up-to-the-minute news, but that the things I feel compelled to share keep stacking up as the stakes get higher.

The government and mainstream media have managed to capitalize on the fear they created over Covid and are now using it to fuel their resistance to the truth of the Freedom Convoy protests now happening all over Canada and being emulated around the world.

The truth that the protest that continues to grow in Ottawa and elsewhere is not some extremist fringe promotion of hatred, but exactly the opposite.

The truth that the legacy media is either in cahoots with or being manipulated by the government, which is not acting in good faith.

The truth that the science is with the truckers.

Let’s start with the first truth.

While the media fans the flames of fear of inclusion-loving Canadians by focusing on what appears to be maybe a couple of bad agents, they willfully ignore the hundreds of thousands of supporters from all walks of life.

This first video is one of the best commentaries I’ve heard.

I couldn’t say it better than this.

Listen to all 3 short videos for his brilliant full rant...

Then there are the many, many examples of the “fringe minority” participating in the protest.

This is a small sampling…

And this one from downtown Toronto where revellers created their own disruption of joyful celebration...

I could go on, but let's move to the second truth...that of government manipulation.

If you haven’t heard, GoFundMe, now trending on Twitter as #GoFraudMe, deleted the FreedomConvoy fundraising campaign and attempted to confiscate the $9 million+.

Only after donors protested were the donations returned directly.

It is a dangerous precedent and a precursor of the government’s power to confiscate money when “unacceptable views” threaten them.

Here’s one independent commentator with his compelling take on the government’s involvement…

In addition, while the media keep searching and failing to find the least act of hostility from the truckers, they have virtually ignored an act of violence perpetrated against the protestors.

In Winnipeg, 4 peaceful protestors were intentionally hit and injured by an SUV.

And yet there has been no government condemnation of the act.

Once again, we must turn to the independent media for the full story...

While the government ignores actual violence, the Ottawa Police have declared a state of emergency as of midnight last night, based on concerns for the safety of its citizens...

In response to this clear and present danger, police are confiscating the truckers’ fuel and attempting to cut off the fuel supply that is keeping their trucks and families warm in -25C weather.

They are literally trying to freeze out Canadian citizens and their children who are exercising their democratic right to protest.

Police have also threatened arrest of anyone attempting to provide the truckers with food or fuel.

However, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Rights has declared this illegal.

You can help fund protestors' fines at

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister continues to hide out at an undisclosed location, refusing to speak to the tens of thousands of people who have interrupted their lives to show their support of ending mandates by gathering in the nation’s capital during the coldest season of the year, driving for hours and sometimes days to get there.

Honestly, I feel like I’m writing a bad fiction novel.

You just can’t make up this drama with any credibility.

Regardless of how we feel about vaccines or any C19 measures, we cannot allow any government to brutalize its own citizens.

Politicians and police are here to serve us, not the other way around.

We cannot allow the media to function as the government’s PR firm, dividing Canadians along false narrative lines.

When a handful of counterprotestors objected to this nationwide movement, this is what they were met with...

The failure of our Prime Minister to engage with the protestors and the bizarre act of going into hiding, has garnered ridicule and condemnation from around the world.

In fact, the Indian media raked Trudeau over the coals for his support for their farmers’ protest last year, while dropping his principled stance when it came to his own people.

And now the Indian Ambassador to Canada has weighed in…

APRIL 12 Update: This video was removed from Twitter and incorrectly listed Deepak Vohra as Ambassador. He was actually a top diplomat. You can still watch the original video by clicking the above link.

The final truth, which I started this blog to spread, is that of the scientific evidence of C-19.

I have written about every aspect of the coronavirus, having never intended to wade into politics.

I suppose that’s true for all the protestors and their supporters, too.

It is the politicians who have politicized what should have been an open public health debate.

Instead, doctors and scientists have been censored, smeared, and fired.

But they have not been stopped.

After yesterday's state of emergency announcement, Doctors Paul Alexander and Roger Hodkinson participated in a Facebook live conference to lend their support to the truckers...

“We’ve known for 2 years now that there were early, effective outpatient treatments available to Canadians and to the rest of the world. And we knew that the early treatment could cut hospitalization and death risk by about 90%, and it was a failure of the government [who] constrained and tied the hands of the doctors in Canada from prescribing early treatment.”

Dr. Paul Alexander

“Our traditional freedoms as physicians have been trampled on by government. The freedoms that we enjoy and were respected for: First do no harm and informed consent.…we’ve never seen anything like it in the entire history of medicine, where our rights as physicians to treat you on the spot in front of us, those rights have been taken away from us and we’re now seeing government practicing medicine. They haven’t a clue what they’re doing.”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson

The covid crisis has awakened my civic duty, as it has for hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have made the sometimes arduous trek to Ottawa, asking all of us to join them.

And so I am going.

I cannot fault the mainstream journalists offering opinions from afar unless my boots are on the ground.

I want to hear from the people who have put their lives on hold to ask them why.

What is compelling Canadians to stand up in this unprecedented show of solidarity with such a wide cross-section of citizens?

And what support can I offer?

What bridge of understanding can I help build between those standing for our rights and those who still think they are the enemy?

If you cannot be there in person, I’m asking you to support my efforts with a donation.

You can use the Donate button in the top right corner of my website HERE.

We are a nation, as former Premier Brian Peckford said, who has (or had) a lot of trust in government.

This sometimes makes it hard for Canadians who are still trusting and compliant to understand what’s happening in this country at this moment in history.

This is an existential threat for those who have bought into the narrative and feel threatened by the uncertainty of this moment.

Awakening to the reality of what has happened and what is happening is deeply uncomfortable and disturbing.

Some will resist it fiercely, and some will never allow the truth in.

But we must continue to question.

In all of this, one interesting and painfully obvious point has yet to be raised by the politicians who purport to implement policy for “the greater good.”

With the throngs of unmasked crowds set loose in Ottawa, why haven't they raised concerns about a Covid outbreak?

Could it be that this isn't about health at all?

While they try to hide the real faces of Canadians exercising their democratic right to protest, the true colours of our “leaders” are showing through.


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Vincent Gircys
Vincent Gircys
Feb 14, 2023

I love the work you do. Keep the spirits in this fight burning bright.

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Feb 14, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Vincent. 🙏💙

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