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Canada’s Unprecedented Inquiry 2 — Coping with Heartbreak

“We’re not the same afterwards.”

Shawn Buckley, NCI lead council on listening to days of shocking testimony

I’m trying to find the magic words that will have everyone replace their TV viewing with National Citizens Inquiry testimony.

“I laughed, I cried.”

“It was a tour de force.”

“Truth is stranger than fiction!”

If clichés worked, I’d use them all.

To be clear, there’s a lot more crying than laughing, but on occasion, we confront absurdities that we just have to find relief from.

Here are just a few…

A paramedic walks over to a dead man lying splattered on the sidewalk, having clearly jumped 8 stories — where a colleague is administering a PCR test to determine if cause of death was C-19. [Day 3, Scarlett Martyn @ 6:09:22]

A woman goes to a hospital because the C-19 injection is causing her fingers to peel, giving her blurry vision, head-to-toe bruising, and head tremors — and she’s put on anti-depressants for anxiety. [Day 3, Dianne Spalding @ 9:48:20]

A lawyer and a judge (okay, wait, this should be good) are in court because a mother, quoting Pfizer’s own documents on massive C-19 injection side effects, wants to prevent the father of her children from giving them the jab against their will.

Her case is dismissed because she’s not an “expert” and, says the judge, “the government should always be given the benefit of the doubt.” [Day 2, Michael Alexander @ 5:59:49]

(Um, thalidomide, anyone?)

Clown world has become a cliché, too, but when we hear these testimonies of example after example of logic and reflection going out the window, one has to wonder.

What has happened to our discernment, our capacity to think for ourselves, our humanity?

In even darker examples, we heard testimony of a man in extreme pain and in need of an appendectomy being abandoned by a doctor after being told that if he didn’t take the C-19 jab immediately he’d be dead in 2 years. [Day 3, Maureen Somers @ 9:41:45]

Thankfully, a doctor who still adheres to the Hippocratic oath rescued him in time to perform emergency surgery.

(He’s just fine, now.)

We heard of the appalling treatment of a mask-exempt woman who was knocked to the floor of a Walmart by 3 police officers on Christmas Eve, while people stood around watching and doing nothing — even as she was taken out of the store in handcuffs, bruised and screaming for help.

All for not wearing a mask that she cannot, medically, wear. [Day 2, Natasha Petite @ 5:21:10]

There was the testimony of a woman whose 18-year-old daughter tried to commit suicide when she found the 2nd lockdown in Ontario too much to bear.

The mother was denied access to her daughter because of unprecedented hospital C-19 policies.

She had no support from the hospital and no assessment of her daughter’s condition.

Her daughter eventually succeeded. [Day 1, Elizabeth Garver @ 5:38:20]

There’s more heartbreak.

So much more.

And there’s also the explosive expert testimony, which covered legal issues, education, policing, pilots, media, dealing with the dead, societal shaming, and, from Dr. Robert Malone, 5th generation warfare (which I’ve written about HERE as well) 👇

As a partial list of additional must-watch expert testimony, I’m narrowing it down to these:

  • Irvin Studin, education expert and policy advisor — on the catastrophic impact of closing schools and the bleak future faced by tens of thousands of young Canadians.

  • Bruce Pardy, law professor — on the limitations of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the human fallibility of judges. A necessary civics lesson for all Canadians.

  • Tom Marazzo, veteran, teacher, activist — on societal virtue signalling, the Freedom Convoy, the beating of decorated veterans and how his bank accounts were frozen. (He later told me that if he hadn't had cash on hand, he wouldn't have been able to buy his son’s heart medicine.)

  • Laura Jeffery, embalmer — on huge anomalies in people’s deaths and in their blood. Since the injection rolled out, people started dropping dead in front of loved ones during the day, "dirty blood" started appearing, and then "white fibre masses."

  • Rodney Palmer, award-winning former journalist — on the complete lack of news gathering practiced by the CBC (and others), with the replacement of actual news with propaganda. This testimony needs to be watched and shared by all Canadians.

  • Dr. Mark Trozzi, ER physician — on the global impact of medical crimes against humanity, and how “Injections paid phenomenally.”

  • Vincent Gircys, decorated retired OPP officer — on a forensic investigation into the truth and the clear and present danger of the authoritarian state here in Canada.

I know I’m missing major pieces here, which is why I encourage everyone to watch all the testimony.

Think of it like a TV series, with each set of hearings being a season.

Break it down into episodes and let me know if this isn’t some of the most compelling real reality TV you’ve ever watched.

And then ask yourself, how can I support getting the truth out?

What actions can I take and who can I talk to?

What can I do to stop this?

Because it is still happening.

Health mandates have only been repealed, not eliminated.

The media is still driving the narrative and not reporting the news.

The government is still promoting a known hazardous medical product as a “safe and effective vaccine.”

And as Dr. Mark Trozzi testified, “all 3 words are a lie” — they are not safe, effective, or a vaccine.

Many employers are demanding “vaccination” as a job qualification, though the evidence clearly shows that those who are vaxxed are just as likely to transmit the virus as those who aren’t.

Many hospitals are still mandating masks, though this has been proven to be ineffective.

Nursing homes are apparently still injecting people against their will.

And there is virtually no compensation or even acknowledgement of the vax-injured.

They have been abandoned by both “sides” of a tactical division.

Traitors to the “vaccinated” for the crime of getting sick.

Dismissed by some of the “unvaccinated” for getting the shot in the first place.

We have lost our collective way.

And we are in danger of becoming so caught up in having the right opinions that we’ve lost sight of having compassion.

As policy expert Irvin Studin said, the children who have been abandoned by the education system due to government C-19 mandates are entering a “post-COVID cruel world.”

“What awaits is huge destabilization.”

Irvin Studin, PhD

We need to re-align with our values, our commonality, our humanity.

We need, each of us, to demand that those responsible for the policies that led to so much suffering explain their decisions, and be held to account for the damage done.

To forward this accountability, political representatives, particularly those responsible for health policies, have been summoned to testify.

So far, no response.

No response from the mainstream media, either.

No coverage whatsoever.

And as Vincent Gircys said, “Absence of evidence is also evidence.”

I'll leave you with these powerful words from the opening statement on Day 3 of hearings in Toronto by NCI lawyer Shawn Buckley...

Stay tuned for Winnipeg, coming soon.


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14 Kommentare

Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
Robert Pariseau (AllRequired)
28. Apr. 2023

Skippy invested his majority term and the first $600 M taxpayer-subsidized infusion in building his unholy alliance with a network that is just as much a cabal of grifters as he himself is. He clearly took note of how they dealt with previous Prime Ministers that refused to play along. And that is precisely why they move heaven and earth for him.

Gefällt mir
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
30. Mai 2023
Antwort an

That's a huge question, Robert. I think we have to stand up when we see injustice. What other choice do we have? I don't know how to lie low and wait without feeling completely disempowered. The question is one of integrity. We need to create workability and peace in our society and in our souls, however we do that.

Gefällt mir

26. Apr. 2023

There is alot of gaslighting by Trudeau on vaccine mandates and he is trying to absolve himself of responsibility for his actions in enacting these mandates,. He has tried to fool the feeble minded that he was saving and protecting them but far from it. We know this Citizens Inquiry is putting the heat on him so let's keep the pressure on. He forced it with consequences of job loss and travel on aircraft or trains and even getting the provinces to stop unvaccinated in bars restaurants arenas and sports teams. Sean Hartmanwho died of myocarditis from these vaccines was forced to get the vaccine to play hockey. Trudeau said what tge consequences were if you refused the shots an…

Gefällt mir
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
28. Mai 2023
Antwort an

Thank you so much for this insightful response. The disturbing truth is that lawyer after lawyer have now testified that section 7, and in fact the whole Charter, are virtually useless. Our constitution is being used against us. I don't know what it will take, but we need a complete overhaul.

And you are absolutely right about Health Canada knowing the truth about the virus and the "vaccines."🙏

Gefällt mir

21. Apr. 2023

That's the purpose of Inquiries. To make positive change. Kudos to this blog. Thank you to all.

Gefällt mir
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
24. Apr. 2023
Antwort an

Thank you for reading. Spread the word! 🙏💙

Gefällt mir

20. Apr. 2023

Thank you so much for this compilation. I am all admiration that you have the courage to sit through all the testimony. Earlier this week I watched the testimony of the 25 year RCMP veteran and also the fellow who had a masters in public policy who was near tears several times during his testimony. So moving and disturbing at the same time. I can only watch so much ‘truth’ at one time as it hurts my heart to know where we are. At the same time, I am so moved by these caring, committed-to-the-truth Canadians. As a bit of a balm, I would recommend watching Robert Kennedy Jr.’s speech from yesterday when he announced his candidacy for president. I…

Gefällt mir
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
24. Apr. 2023
Antwort an

I hear you. The NCI lead council has said several times that we are changed every day by this testimony. That is the truth. It takes something to hold that much hurt, but we must face it before we transform it into something useful.

I was actually listening to Kennedy's speech as I was writing this blog! Absolutely inspiring. Those of us volunteering with the NCI want this inquiry to spark that kind of inspiration. We want to see every country where the citizens have suffered like ours to start their own NCI. Spread the word. Let's make this happen! 🙏💙

Gefällt mir

Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid
11. Apr. 2023

Wow! I agree with iamsterry Michelle. This is the best blog I have read so far about what is happening around the inquiry. I have shared this post with all of my close friend who are aware of what is happening. Every single one of them appreciate this blog because it summarizes everything so well. Thank you so much for continuing to keep us informed.

Gefällt mir
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
11. Apr. 2023
Antwort an

Thank you so much, Andrew. Sharing the truth of what is happening in this country and the world keeps me sane. 🙏❤💙

Gefällt mir
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