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Do No Harm to Pregnant Women

It used to be that we didn’t need to state the obvious.

We don’t risk the health of children to protect the elderly.

We don’t force people to inject themselves against their will.

And we don’t experiment on or interfere with pregnant women.

That was back in the pre-Covid era.

It feels like those were the good ol’ days, way back 3 1/2 years ago.

We have moved with lightning speed away from an era when ethics were at least held up as guideposts, if not always perfectly followed.

We at least agreed that pregnancy should be a protected state where the health of mother and baby were paramount.

With all the scientific information now available about the harms of the C-19 shots, there are still people, maybe most people, who either blindly or willfully do not see the dangers.

As death rates rise in countries with the highest injection rates, it is predictable that more people will find the courage to open their eyes.

But it won’t be easy, and it won’t be pretty.

No one likes to admit they were wrong, especially if they vociferously voiced their pro-vaccine views and even severed relationships as a result of their angry righteousness.

Many people’s lives have been predicated upon the idea that the government, media and education system all have our best interests in mind.

People’s politics, careers, and even identities have been built around these premises, and identity, or ego, often dies harder than the physical body.

“It is easier to fool the people, than to convince them they have been fooled.”

Attributed to Mark Twain

I’ve been turning my thoughts to this quandary lately.

How do we continue to out the truth and reach those who don’t yet see, without unleashing the rage of those who will wake into a nightmare they didn’t know they were in?

It’s too easy to call them sheep, dismiss them, and leave them behind.

This is an attitude born of anger and frustration at how those already awake have been treated.

And as we know, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

What we have before us is a seismic shift in what comes next in the world, and we will, ultimately, rise or fall together.

It is this pivotal point in history, where we must unite and find ways to work together to stop an unprecedented attack on humanity, that has me speak for the National Citizens Inquiry — an organization (and now movement) that started with the simple premise of listening, learning, and recommending how we can do better.

An organization I have always felt can help bridge the false divide created by those who wish to conquer.

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance is another such organization.

One that aims not to attack but to inform and offer hope.

I first wrote about the CCCA back in December 2021, when they produced their now world-renowned presentation, More Harm Than Good.

Regardless of where you live in the world, the resources provided by the CCCA and their hundreds of volunteer doctors and scientists is world class.

I highly recommend exploring their comprehensive website, starting with their newly released video on the C-19 mRNA “vaccines” and pregnant women.

In a highly credible 10-minute presentation, they outline:

  • The precedent of thalidomide, a dangerous drug that created horrific deformities in babies, which was previously promoted by governments as “safe and effective”

  • The importance of the Precautionary Principle and why it’s better to do nothing than risk making things worse

  • The fact that there was no randomized controlled trial for pregnant women when the shots were approved by the CDC

  • The not surprising evidence that Pfizer’s small pregnancy RCT results were never released

  • How the conclusions of the studies that were done, suggesting the need for more research, were not followed

  • The many safety signals that have been ignored

  • The flawed study that led to the media hysteria encouraging pregnant women to get the shot

  • The extremely low risk of serious harm to pregnant women by C-19

  • The fact that 80% of all Canadians now have robust naturally-acquired immunity to C-19

  • Pfizer’s own C-19 injection package insert that states that available data is “insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy” or breastfeeding women

  • The conflicts of interest behind the rollout of the shot

  • Why we must all take personal responsibility for our health and medical choices.

As the CCCA also points out, pregnant women aren’t supposed to drink, smoke, eat sushi, or even change cat litter.

Why then would they risk an experimental injection?

It is this kind of obvious logic that has the capacity to awaken people to the harms being done by Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Government, Big Media, and even Academia.

I believe that it is this kind of calm, balanced, and fact-based approach that will be part of the gentle awakening of those who don’t yet see.

And so I’m asking you to please share this presentation far and wide.

Rather than expending energy on our differences, we need to focus on our shared commitments.

No one wants to ruin their health or the health of their loved ones.

No one with any humanity wants to harm babies and pregnant women.

And no one wants to take unnecessary risks that could do more harm than good.


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Sep 14, 2023

The American OB/Gyn were paid 11 million to push this vaccine on pregnant females as safe. Dr Thorpe world renowned honest good OB/GYN has the goods through FOIA with his wife who is a lawyer. My guess Canadian OB/GYN were paid off as well.


Sep 12, 2023

Masks can harm pregnant females. Add in vaccines and it gets worse.


Jul 31, 2023

Amazing post once again. Do no harm forms medical ethics therefore any doctor who pushed this covid shot on people especially pregnant females have been negligent. When people were crying at vaccination centers as they didn't want it but were forced to keep their jobs or other reasons body assault was committed against them. Many woman that were pregnant spoke of bullying and harassment to get these covid shots. A mass criminal complaint filed at the Hague as others have commented is indeed necessary to send a clear message to all that committed criminal negligence causing harm and death. They can seriously think about what they did as their names go alongside the likes of Hitler and other mentally deran…

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