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Food, Farmers, and Freedom -- Part 2

“Everything is available in community.”

Wisdom Unlimited Course, Landmark Worldwide

I’m not a fan of social media as a popularity contest.

But as a tool for understanding what matters to people and uniting communities around shared values and concerns, it can be very powerful.

And educational.

Following my last blog, I posted a short video on Twitter from a young Canadian farmer.

In a clear and concise 2-minute talk, this articulate woman laid out what’s at stake for all of us if we proceed with the government’s proposed nitrogen emissions cut in the agricultural sector in Canada (and elsewhere).

My Twitter feed has been blowing up ever since.

At the time of publishing this blog, there are over 186000 views, nearly 10000 likes, and, most importantly, almost 7000 shares.

People want to get the word out.

There is no Covid science interview, video, graph, chart, or stat I’ve posted that has come anywhere close to these numbers.

Because people aren’t moved by data.

We’re moved by human stories — especially those that threaten our own existence.

Here’s the video from TikTok’s @NikisFunnyFarm 👇

(I’m sending you to my Twitter page so that we can keep the views going up and the word spreading.)

If you haven’t yet educated yourself about food sovereignty, the global agenda of the unelected World Economic Forum, or the farmers’ uprising in The Netherlands, you definitely need to check out my last blog.

This week, I continue the conversation thanks to my Twitter community.

Everything I’m posting in today's blog was a response to that one little video created by one courageous farmer...

I don’t know if it’s an urban thing or the mainstream media spin or some combination, but there seems to be a perception that these farmers are just a bunch of backward ignoramuses who need to get with the progressive program.

This is part of the problem when virtually whole populations migrate from the country to the city.

We lose our connection with nature, with the land, with food.

We also lose contact with the people who understand nature, work with the land, and provide our food.

As a mainly urban dweller, I include myself in the majority of people who don’t understand the challenges of farming or agriculture in general.

But I’ve been listening and learning from farmers as the imperative to understand and grow food becomes more and more evident.

As both elected and unelected leaders set untenable and dangerous agendas to supposedly benefit the planet at the apparent expense of ordinary people, we all need to wake up and listen to what those who understand the production of food have to say. Consider this perspective.

As the Canadian government gets set to target the agricultural sector to lower nitrogen emissions, this farmer offers a fascinating perspective and lesson on modern farming 👇

If lowering nitrogen emissions through forced fertilizer restrictions makes so little difference, why would the government consider it?

Why would these same governments create an anti-science campaign to impose deadly mandates and censor doctors and scientists who want to provide early treatment and advice to prevent unnecessary death?

And why, during a time of heightened food insecurity, has this legislation been passed in the North West Territories? 👇

Why are governments “incentivizing” farmers to give up their land?

And what will become of the food supply when authorities set the agenda for what we eat?

Regardless of where we find ourselves on the political spectrum or the climate change conversation, we must be willing to analyze the facts.

We’re all going to need to reconsider what we know about how government and the world is run.

And we’re all going to need to support each other in finding information beyond the approved narrative.

You might want to consider these posts, also shared by my Twitter community, to help answer some of the above unanswered questions 👇

We have a wealth of information and resources within our reach.

But we now need more than talk.

We need to demonstrate responsibility equal to our demand for rights.

We need to band together as the 99% to stop the agenda of the 1% who would put their plans ahead of our needs.

Here is one of the most hopeful actions I’ve found recently 👇

To participate in this global event, go to and register.

Download their posters and get others onboard.

We have what it takes to reclaim our agency.

Start a conversation, share on social media, and sign up to walk out.

I'll leave you with more food for thought, shared by our growing community...


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Aug 20, 2022

Another wonderful article that elucidates the reality of our conscious connection and understanding that our interdependence with nature and the Creator/God to maintain the Earth that sustains us, is of the utmost importance for survival of our existence on this Earth (as in Heaven) ... We are the extension of the Creator and if we are not fulfilling our own Self development in that relationship we are doing a dis-service to ourselves and to Earth.

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
Aug 21, 2022
Replying to

I love this. "...if we are not fulfilling our own Self development...we are doing a dis-service to ourselves and to Earth." Thank you. 🙏💙

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