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Our Sacrificial Lambs

I have to believe that the people creating our C-19 policies with their devastating effects on children don’t know what they’re doing.

I have to believe this because the alternative is unthinkable.

We cannot knowingly be sacrificing children in a misguided attempt to save our collective skin.

Even if masks, lockdowns, and experimental injections worked, why would we be giving them to the portion of the population that has a 0% statistical risk of dying of covid?

First, we turned healthcare upside down by having young people wear masks in order to protect the old -- though masking has been shown to be socially damaging and risky for their health.

Then we kept them out of school and away from their friends to protect adults -- which has created a massive rise in mental health issues and an increase in suicide.

Now we’re injecting children with an Experimental Use Only “vaccine” that has not been tested on them -- and reaping the consequences.

As if this isn’t enough, the Children’s Wish Foundation came out with this statement last week…

(Click the image to take you to the Twitter video)

Children must be vaccinated in order to travel to their wish.

Children, that is, who are deathly ill and have compromised immune systems that often can’t handle even fully approved vaccines.

What is happening here?

Children have never before been used as human shields to protect the vulnerable from dying.

They do not spread covid, are not dying of covid, and do not need protection from covid.

Children are more likely to die of influenza than covid, and we’ve never quarantined all children because a few of them get the flu.

That would crazy.

But please don’t take my word for any of this.

There are dozens of reliable sources for the existing and emerging data on kids and covid.

PANDA ( is one excellent resource set up for real time data and information about Covid-19.

On their site, you’ll find the best compilation of credible sources I have found on the subject of children and vaccines.

I promise you, you will want to send this to every parent you know.

You’ll find links to actual data, scientific studies, and interviews with leading doctors.

Click HERE for “10 Reasons Why Children and Young people Should Not Get The Covid-19 Vaccines.”

You’ll also find their Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People, which you can sign HERE.

Children are not here to protect us.

We are here to protect them.

Please watch, read, sign…and pass it on.


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