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The Death of Children & Childhood

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

I’ve been away.

After recovering from what may have been Omicron (thank you, Ivermectin), I headed back to the scene of the “crime.”

I went to follow the most intriguing and underreported aspect of the Freedom Convoy — the indigenous presence and participation in the greatest grassroots movement of peace and unity this country has ever known.

If you weren’t in Ottawa, and if you haven’t yet fully realized the corruption of the mainstream media, this may come as a shock.

The rally in Canada’s capital city consolidated the common values of the common people — a deep and abiding love of our (formerly) free and democratic country and of our children.

Bringing to the surface and buoying these shared values, this crisis has created an opportunity for understanding and unity among people from across the political spectrum.

Among anglophones and francophones — something the government has never been able to do.

And among those who, like Francois Amalega, are first generation Canadians, and those whose bones have lived in this ground for millennia.

We now share in the suffering of government policies that have not only oppressed and done damage, but killed people.

Study after study reveals the not yet fully calculable harms of lockdowns, masking, social distancing, and experimental injections.

With the recent court order to release the Pfizer trial documents (which the CDC attempted to suppress for 75 years) the truth of the corruption of science and dangers of the “vaccine” are coming out.

You can read one analysis of the documents HERE.

I’m continuing to post these and other stories on the Gather Your Wits Telegram page, and on Twitter as well.

But writing about and sharing more scientific evidence of the colossal failure of Covid mandates isn’t making a difference for those who are so far down the tunnel of compliance that getting sick with C-19 after 3 shots doesn’t make them question efficacy and intention.

And it is these people who will need our support as the damage to the immune systems of vaccinated people continues to unfold.

I’ve been away, spending time with a First Nations Chief and his crew, learning to understand their continued presence in Ottawa, far from their families and homes in Manitoba.

They are here in the nation’s capital standing for freedom and unity.

I have experienced the strength of their quiet communication and their deep respect for women's wisdom.

I’ve participated in drum circles, smoked my first peace pipe, and watched and learned about their commitment to children and a peaceful future.

No event or moment demonstrated this more clearly than the public memorial for a 10-year-old girl who committed suicide on March 9, 2022.

A friend asked the bereaved mother if the Chief could come to honour the young girl and her family with a drum ceremony.

We arrived in Gatineau to discover over 100 people gathered outside in the snow, releasing mostly white balloons in a symbolic gesture to free her spirit.

People stood in reverence, candles in hand.

The girl’s mother, Annick Dinnelle, spoke passionately in French, caressing a mould of her beloved daughter’s hand.

She would not have AnnSofy’s death pass without meaning.

She would use this tragedy to educate adults and support other children.

And so it was that I asked to speak with her about what happened…

Like Francois Amalega, a leader in Quebec’s freedom movement against unscientific and brutally enforced mandates, AnnSofy (or Alex) was a peaceful warrior.

A straight-A student, she was smart and wise beyond her years.

She was barely 9 years old when the mask mandates started, and she wrote a letter of protest to her government.

She asserted that she had better ideas than the Prime Minister for how to keep kids safe.

She accurately predicted that many of the children who do not excel in school would have trouble developing language skills and suffer other hardships.

She had a sensitivity to others, perhaps because of her own mounting troubles.

On top of the isolation she felt from the restrictions of C-19 mandates, AnnSofy also struggled with what her family doctor called “an identity crisis.”

Beginning puberty at the age of 9, AnnSofy had to grapple with gender at an early age.

Some days, she enjoyed putting on dresses and makeup with her little sister.

Other days, she wanted to wear boys’ boxer shorts and strap down her breasts.

But her parents knew something was seriously amiss when AnnSofy, who chose the gender-neutral name of Alex, asked to have her breasts removed.

Her school also let them know about an incident in which Alex lashed out at another child — after years of being bullied with no support from the adults charged with her protection.

Annick, along with Alex’s father, had never even known.

As their concerns ramped up, they searched for resources but found only closed doors.

They put her on a waiting list for a school psychologist.

Alex was already struggling with the social isolation of mask and social distancing mandates, unable to play with children from other classes where she had friends.

With the pervasive culture of bullying and the early onset of puberty and her gender identification issues, she was at risk for self-harm.

And on March 9,2022, she took her own life.

On the following Monday, a full-time psychologist was brought into Alex’s school — too late for her but perhaps in time to save others.

7 other children were identified as at risk.

We have yet to tally the damages done to children during these past 2 years.

But when the dust settles, we will have much to mourn and much to atone for.

Our children have heightened anxieties, lower IQs, developmental disorders, and are even being “vaccinated,” often against their parents’ will, with an injection that causes more harm than good.

We will be reckoning with these decisions for decades to come.

And this is the awakening Alex’s mother is determined to create.

We must use these tragedies to begin to face and reverse the damage our society continues to cause, with policies and a culture that promote division, derision, and despair.

We must put our resources into protecting our children and providing them with much needed support at a time when profit and power are being prioritized.

In her daughter’s memory, Annick has created a teddy bear campaign to provide children in distress with support.

You can find out more on her Facebook page HERE.

At the end of the drum ceremony at the memorial, a hoop was laid in the snow.

Without words or gestures, those who had gathered to mourn Alex began putting their candles inside the hoop.

It was a moment of shared understanding.

We are all one family, one community, one human race.

We are in this together.

This is the lesson I’m learning from those who have suffered longest.

The only way through the violence and harms of the past is by choosing a different path.

You cannot create peace with war, but only by demonstrating love.

Despite the propaganda perpetuated by the government and mainstream media, this was the overriding message of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

We want our inherent freedoms.

We want a better way forward.

Not a way driven by fear and greed and egoic attachments to avoiding blame for the most disastrous government policies since the Residential School System.

But an open, compassionate, and transparent way where our humanity, and not power, money, or fear, is the guiding principal.

It’s time to recognize the mistakes of our past and present.

It’s time to come together to heal our sorrows and create a future of solidarity.

I have been away, finding my place in this growing movement of unity and peace.

And it is my honour and privilege to tell the stories that are not being told.

For those who are able to attend, the public funeral for AnnSofy/Alex will be held this week on April 7, 8, and 9.

You can find details HERE.


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