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The Emergencies Act & The Real Emergency

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

These are dark days for Canada and potentially for the world.

When the leader of a democracy ignores the peaceful protests of a large group of concerned citizens, refusing to even engage with them and discuss their desires, and then bypasses the minimal requirements for invoking marshall law and declares it anyway, we must all stand up and take notice.

On Tuesday night, Taking Back Our Freedoms, chaired by former Premier and last living Charter of Rights signatory, Brian Peckford, held a public emergency webcast asking all Canadians to stand up against an unprecedented and unwarranted act against civil rights.

They encourage those who live outside of Canada to please contact the Canadian embassy in your country.

For each and every Canadian at home, they ask us to please contact our MPs and Senators to oppose the Emergencies Act on the basis that it is far from warranted...

The conversation was led by Executive Director, Roy Beyer, who was joined by outspoken C-19 consultant and health measures critic, Dr. Paul Alexander, and political consultant, Joseph Ben-Ami.

Mr. Ben-Ami is vaccinated and lives in Ottawa and reiterated what anyone who has been to the protest already knows — that the government narrative of racist overtones and hostile intent is a “complete fabrication.”

In fact, since the convoy arrived, it is estimated that the crime rate in Ottawa has dropped somewhere between 40-90%.

And if you’ve been reading my previous blogs, you can clearly see that this is a coming together of a broad spectrum of Canadians from all walks of life.

So where is the emergency?

In Coutts, Alberta?

On Parliament Hill?

At the truckers' basecamp?

Protestors have complied with the police request to move from residential streets.

They have complied with the no honking by-law.

They have gone above and beyond any legal obligations and continue to provide free food, a safe and welcoming environment, and, oh yeah, flowers…

Mr. Ben-Ami generously suggested that journalists are being lazy by simply quoting unsubstantiated stories as references and re-posting these fabrications.

I hope he’s right, though I have to suspect that there is more than laziness going on.

How else can we understand why the mainstream media is not clearly stating the Freedom Convoy’s actual goals?

  1. End all Covid mandates.

  2. End the travel tracking app as a requirement to re-enter Canada.

Here's their statement, as read to Dr. Jordan B. Peterson...

As for the government, they no longer seem interested in even the pretence of the “health measures” that got us here, and the legacy media seems to have lost the health narrative altogether.

Why aren’t there any Covid outbreaks reported in these huge crowds?

Why isn’t anyone interested in how many vaccinated people are protesting and why?

Politicians have shifted the narrative because they know they have no scientific defence for Covid mandates or mass “vaccination.”

If it’s not health, what could be the motive for not answering any public health questions and in taking such extreme measures?

While 12 countries around the world have already dropped all mandates, why is Trudeau fighting so hard to keep them?

Canadians know that something is amiss.

Taking Back Our Freedoms is asking that we both email and phone our MPs, calling both the parliamentary office and constituency office and at least leaving a message.

Here are their recommended talking points…

In addition, the Freedom Convoy and their legal representative are requesting that we get to Ottawa as soon as possible…

It’s time for us to gather together and stand for our legal and moral rights.

It no longer matters whether we have complied with C-19 mandates or not.

It no longer matters if we are vaccinated or not.

What is at stake is democracy itself...


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2 commentaires

Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid
24 févr. 2022

Thank you for putting all this information together for us Michelle. This indeed is dark days for Canada and the rest of the world. I am incredibly grateful for all the people that are standing up though and saying enough is enough. I believe this is the reason why the Emergency Orders were revoked so quickly.

Michelle Leduc Catlin
Michelle Leduc Catlin
24 févr. 2022
En réponse à

I agree with you, Andrew. Re: The Emergencies Act, our voices have been heard. But this is far from the end. What has been revealed is a deep level of corruptibility in our institutions, including gov't, media, the judiciary, banking, policing, and even medicine. We will be called to stand up for justice and transparency and accountability for years, if not decades to come. Thank you for being a part of this!

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