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THE Film to Watch

I’ve been out of commission for a few days, but as with all challenges it’s not all bad.

There’s nothing like dental surgery to give you an excuse to lie around watching quality British television as well as contemplate your life priorities.

Okay, lots of the former and a bit of the latter, whilst I heal the holes formerly containing my wisdom teeth.

And speaking of the pain of separation…

(Forgive the cheesy segue — it’s a vestige of my television training.)

I can’t imagine that there’s anyone left who hasn’t experienced a broken or strained relationship during this coronacrisis.

There will be much hurt to heal when this is all over.

But make no mistake.

The separation is no accident.

Those who are using this virus as an opportunity to control society are doing so consciously.

Divide and conquer being used for power since the days of Julius Caesar, and Sun Tzu before him.

Blaming the unvaccinated for putting children in harm's way not only painfully tears apart families, but cleaves society in a strategic and unscientific attack.

We have to ask, why?

There are those on the right who find the ideas of The Great Reset, supported and driven by many left-leaning governments around the world (including my own), to be abhorrent.

I do not.

At least, not theoretically.

The idea of using a crisis to create something better can be a form of spiritual evolution.

The idea of healing the planet and creating thoughtful systems and structures seems noble.

The idea of being citizens rather than consumers also sits very well with me.

And so does working towards the common good.

We have long exercised the rights of our abundant western societies without exercising the responsibilities.

Creating something new and collaborative is not an inherently bad idea.

But building back on the basis of scientific fraud, fear-mongering, and hatred-inducing segregation is not better. It can never be better.

Because you cannot create peace with war.

The means are always contained in the outcomes.

“In the long run of history, destructive means cannot bring about constructive ends.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As with every issue of our time, the coronacrisis has been politicized.

I have no interest in supporting or opposing the opinions of a political “side.”

I started this blog because I saw the suppression of science as an alarming and dangerous phenomenon.

What I care about is health.

Healthy bodies, healthy relationships, healthy planet.

But we cannot allow any agenda to suppress the truth, however inconvenient it may be.

If people are dying unnecessarily because of the suppression of early treatment and the forced use of experimental injections on those who have a 0% statistical chance of dying of covid, it doesn’t matter which political party mandated these anti-science measures.

Society can only truly thrive on a foundation of integrity — which explains why we are beginning to crumble.

We have allowed corruption to flourish in so many systems that it has become untenable.

We have allowed our egoic attachment to our opinions to blind us from the truth.

But we cannot allow positional opinions to create our future.

We cannot use corruption to end corruption.

And that is what I’m out to share today.

This week, I have the best film I’ve seen to open our eyes to what is happening before us.

To witness that the world, in its current state, is influenced, operated, and owned by 2 massive companies that have informed both our opinions and our actions.

Does that sound like conspiracy theory?

It’s anything but.

Watch this film and discover some sober yet shocking facts.

See with your own eyes how the media regurgitates a narrative to steer us away from “dangerous” information.

And most jawdroppingly, hear Belgium virologist, Mark van Ranst, explain how he maneuvered the Belgian population into taking a vaccine through “fear mongering, out of context mortality rates, and media manipulation,” during the Swine Flu epidemic.

Sound familiar?

You will not want to miss his openly videoed lecture at London’s Chatham House, where world leaders gather to discuss important issues.

The timing couldn’t be more relevant.

Corruption is being outed.

And, something is being done about it.

Just last week, the British Medical Journal posted this:

“Our latest investigation hears from a whistleblower engaged in Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial. Her evidence raises serious questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight.”

And this week, a brand new university was launched, with an impressive advisory board including Steven Pinker, Jonathan Haidt, and David Mamet, among many other academics, artists, and public intellectuals.


You can find out more about the University of Austin HERE.

Like in this film, corruption is being revealed, but hope is being encouraged.

Actions are being taken, and I will continue to share these in this blog.

Watch Monopoly with your loved ones.

Share it far and wide.

There is crucial information here.

But remember, like dental surgery, it’s not all bad.


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