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The Real Public Order Emergency

My experience started with a fork.

After going through the metal detector at the National Archives of Canada building where the Public Order Emergency Commission is being held in Canada’s capital city, the latex-gloved security guard was meticulously going through my bag, opening my compact mirror, zippered pockets, and even my wallet.

He found an old dull fork, lost in the bowels of my black carryall, where I had quickly thrown a Tupperware container with last night’s leftovers for the drive to Ottawa.

I asked him if I could leave the offending item with him.

“You have to throw it out or take it off the property.”

Not just outside the building, but off the grounds.

Clearly having dealt with these national security threats before, he recommended putting it in some shrubbery edging the sidewalk.

I obliged.

It struck me as an ironic microcosm of much of what has happened over the past 10 months.

While the experimental injections and their accompanying unscientific mandates laid waste to millions of people’s lives, the government and mainstream media tried to distract us with talk of a dangerous “occupation” and existential threat requiring extreme measures including the use of violence and the denial of constitutional rights.

A classic case of misdirection and obfuscation.

This is what the Public Order Emergency Commission is revealing — if you’re watching or attending and not just following the media focus and spin.

That while the government invoked its never-before-used Emergencies Act to enable draconian measures against peaceful protestors, the real story was unfolding.

A story of parents and grandparents who put aside their lives to stand up against inhumane mandates that saw families torn apart, a massive increase in child suicide, death by experimental injections, and the elderly locked indoors and denied access to their families, dying alone.

The Freedom Convoy and its organizers and participants represent a grassroots movement of ordinary Canadians who put their principles above their personal priorities and comfort.

“Today in 2022, we have to stand up, we have to neglect our families, we have to neglect our jobs, we have to neglect our houses, neglect our life because we all pay the price…to make sure that the Canadian constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are complied with. I don’t understand how come things have gone so awry in our country.”

Steeve L’Artiss

I was lucky enough to be in the courtroom when Quebec activist and head of the anti-mandate group Les Farfadaas, Steeve “L’Artiss” Charland, was speaking.

(His testimony starts around 4:32:00)

The first thing that struck me about Steeve was his huge presence.

Unlike some people on the stand, Mr. Charland sat comfortably in his own skin, filling the room with the weight of his wisdom and conviction.

Most people outside of Quebec don’t know this poet and voice of the ordinary citizen and “fringe minority.”

But we need to.

We need to know each of the spiritual warriors, the unsung heroes who stood up in bone-chilling weather to demand our rights and support each other.

Steeve and his group rented a parking lot across the bridge from Ottawa in Gatineau, Quebec, where they handed out soup and coffee to those in need.

With no reasons given, his bank froze his accounts after over 30 years.

He was arrested for mischief and counselling to commit mischief.

He spend 23 days in prison, and 10 days in isolation.

“It took me a month to get over it. I’m not a criminal. I’m not used to the justice system.”

With the hatred incited by the media, Mr. Charland now needs security.

Because of his bail conditions, he can’t express himself on social media or be seen with certain people.

This is how we are treating people in this country who lawfully and peacefully speak out against the government.

It’s no wonder that more people aren’t standing up.

But the government and their bought-and-paid-for media will not divide and conquer those who continue to stand.

“I witnessed violence by a group called Antifa that vandalized vehicles during the night to damage or harm the demonstration. I was the witness of violence by police, and I don’t know who those mercenaries are who had no number on their uniforms. They couldn’t be identified and most of them did not speak our language and they were violent to dismantle the peaceful protest with women, children, and the elderly.

I was the witness of that violence, and I had never witnessed any violence in any protest. And I also spoke with residents of Ottawa and I can assure you that everything you heard in the media is just shit.”

Steeve L'Artiss

This comment garnered a spontaneous outburst of applause from those in attendance, for which Commissioner Paul Rouleau quickly admonished us.

In a public inquiry, decorum and not emotions must rule.

And then something quite extraordinary happened.

A small demonstration of the very respect and freedom of expression that moved so many to endure the hardships of -30 degree weather and have our voices heard.

After the applause and the Commissioner’s warning, Mr. Charland said this.

“I’m sorry if I was responsible for this.”

“Well, you can express yourself freely. I’m responsible for discipline,” replied Mr. Rouleau.

“Thank you for giving me my right to speak. That feels good.”

“That’s the goal.”

This small act of civility and dignity was the whole point of the protests — to have our voices heard.

It’s why those who were at the forefront of the greatest grassroots movement in Canadian history are still standing up and standing together.

Our differences are not nearly as significant as our similarities, our desire for a free and open democracy where choice is paramount.

Among the many Freedom Convoy participants and supporters in the courtroom, there were several familiar faces.

I chatted with former RCMP officer Danny Bulford and his wife, Piper, along with Registered Nurse and convoy main stage organizer and MC, Bethan Nodwell.

Their commitment to truth and justice is clear.

Their camaraderie and support for each other is palpable.

Families were formed in Ottawa.

Deep and meaningful bonds based on shared values and a stand for freedom were created.

People who would otherwise never have met, came together to ensure that future generations have their Charter and human rights guaranteed.

“I’ve always been proud to live here in this country because it was a democracy, and apparently at peace. We’ve always had a place to speak up peacefully and we’ve lost this. If this commission does not agree with us, no one in this country will have the right to protest. Those who are against my opinion, and the others.

The media created the left and the right. I don’t even know what that means. I’m of the people and I want to stand up so that the people can keep on standing up and be heard. Left, right, up, down, I don’t give a damn.

It’s become the people against the elected officials, who are managed by multinationals, by money, by other powers. And that makes no sense in a quote unquote evolved society in 2022. How come we have to demand that our Charters are respected? Otherwise we are put in jail because we offered soup and coffee to people who were in need.”

Steeve L'Artiss

Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to use divisive words like “occupation” and “so-called" Freedom Convoy.

But freedom fighters continue to practice peace and stand in the difficult but resilient power of love advocated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is my lived and living experience here in Ottawa and in nearby Quebec.

While the government attempts to continue its game of divide and conquer, trying to pit the players against each other, those who have a clear conscience cannot lose.

The truth, as it is revealed, will eventually set us free.

“I cannot believe that in Canada, in a peaceful country, with peaceful protesters, that a protest is dismantled where people just want to be heard in that way. I know people who are in exile in Mexico and in Cuba because they cannot stand to see what is happening in our country. It makes no sense. We’ve always said that we live in a free and peaceful country and the protests were always conducted in a peaceful spirit….

And what the police force did is really disgusting. People were harmed, wounded, cayenne pepper was used…Just because the government is not willing to have a dialogue, engage in a dialogue with us when we asked for that.”

Steeve L'Artiss

As Week 3 of the Commission wound down, a darker irony took place.

Crown lawyer, Gabriel Poliquin, fainted mid-sentence, while questioning a witness.

Those of us who have been watching the seemingly endless vax-injured videos of people collapsing over the past year will recognize the all-too-common occurrence for what it is.

Of course, we can’t know for sure.

But how many “vaccinated” people does it take to pass out in public before we talk about the elephant in the room?

This is the real emergency.

The injuries and deaths of millions of people through both anti-social and anti-science mandates and the worst medical experiment in history.

As for the Public Order Emergency Commission, you can find out what's being revealed by downloading transcripts or watching all of the recordings HERE 👇

If you're not prepared to wade through the days and days of video recordings, you can find an excellent and quick daily summary of the Commission proceedings at True North.

Invoking the Emergencies Act meant that an inquiry automatically came with it.

Commissioner Rouleau explained that the focus of the inquiry is to answer 3 questions:

“Why did [the federal government] declare an emergency? How did it use its powers? And were those actions appropriate?”

The government is now hustling to justify the unjustifiable.

But the evidence isn’t looking good for them.

Whatever the outcome, at least we have a record of the voices of those who have been illegally and immorally oppressed, and punished for daring to speak up.

We don't live in a world where our rights are guaranteed.

We must stand together to take whatever peaceful actions we can take in order to shift power from unelected billionaires to the 99%.

I invite you to revisit the Reignite Freedom campaign I wrote about HERE.

As Week10 of the Global Walkout wraps up, they're asking all of us to review and implement all 10 steps -- including cutting off all mainstream media.

This is a key step to unlocking our freedoms and finding the truth -- with or without a government commission.

For some lighthearted inspiration, I’ve leave you with this from Steeve L’Artiss…

...Cut the Cable!


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