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The Truckers Call to Canadians

“Ask everyone to come to Ottawa.”

These are epic times.

And when good men and women are faced with epic challenges, they rise.

They find their innermost strength and resolve and they hold the line for what is right.

Having spent the last day and half with the truckers and their supporters, I can tell you that they’re not going anywhere.

What is at stake for them is the future of their children and grandchildren — for all children.

Sherry drove up from Windsor with her ex-husband.

They’re willing to sleep in their van and put aside their differences for the sake of their grandkids.

She invited us to a service at a local biker church.

(Who refuses an invitation to a biker church??)

There, we were met with more hugs and participated in prayers for peace.

Audra had to sell her house when mandates forced the end of her events planning business.

She’s using her passion for people to coordinate an incredible supply of goods and services to keep the truckers going for long as they need.

“I’m in my happy place here.”

Ignite The Fire is an Anishinaabe elder who was illegally harassed by police during a sacred ceremony at Confederation Park.

Elders were told to pick up everything and leave or the police would pick it up for them.

She continued praying and they left.

These are some of the brave women I met yesterday.

They are as heroic as the men.

People who are standing for what’s right, and who do so with dignity and peaceful non-compliance cannot lose.

There may be many more challenges ahead, particularly as hundreds of police from other jurisdictions gather here, but the protestors will win.

They are winning.

If you are in a province or state where unscientific mandates are being lifted, you can thank these women and men.

And, they need your support.

We need Canadians here, to see for themselves, to stand for themselves, to experience a unity that words cannot express.

There is nothing to want for here.

Food, clothing, shelter, toys and games for children, pet food — it’s all been donated.

If it wasn’t for the always looming threat of police invasion, arrest, and even assault (as we have seen on social media and in the alternative press) it would be like Burning Man in the snow.

And even that has not led to any animosity towards the police as a whole, whom the truckers consider part of their brotherhood.

It is the elite, the power brokers, the people who have suppressed our rights with no justification or scientific evidence that they want to hold to account.

And if we want a free and democratic society, we must all participate.

Today, esteemed doctors Paul Alexander, Roger Hodkinson, and Byram Bridle held a press conference where they invited federal health advisors and doctors to bring their science and publicly debate these mandates.

Where were the government's experts?

We shall see what else this weekend with bring.

I invite you to come to stand with your fellow Canadians.

Former Premier Brian Peckford will be speaking on Saturday, as what Tucker Carlson called “the single most successful human rights protest in a generation” continues.

More to come, my friends.

If you’d like to support my reports from Ottawa, please consider a donation HERE.

Better yet, come join us this weekend.

Be a part of history in the making.


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Feb 11, 2022


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