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We Stand On Guard

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

It is life’s challenges that have us grow and evolve.

I keep reminding myself of that.

I remind myself that the story of our time must be told, and that for every era of chaos, order follows.

This, too, shall pass.

But as Martin Luther King Jr. said:

“…social progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability.”

I know I’m a minor player, but we all must do our part -- if for no other reason than to sleep at night.

It seems so strange that life has taken such an abrupt change of course, and continues to do so in Canada and the UK and perhaps where you are, dear reader.

We must find our courage and strength and be willing to face the truth, even if it flies in the face of old beliefs.

This week, I was accused of having an agenda.

To what, make virtually no money with my writing?

To forward a right-wing perspective that I have never subscribed to?

To face angry rhetoric because I’m not following the prescribed narrative?

Why are people so quick to slander those who have everything to lose by speaking out, but so willing to believe those who profit from current covid policies?

Today, I share a press conference that the mainstream media chose not to cover.

Even though this is apparently the most watched CPAC video, ever, with nearly half a million views.

You’ll hear courageous doctors who have felt the same compulsion I have to question harmful policies -- except that they have far more to lose.

These are Canadian doctors, but it is a global story.

If you listened to the powerful interview shared in yesterday’s blog, you know that the intellectual fear and pressure experienced by doctors around the world is palpable.

Listen to these stories.

Put aside politics.

And ask yourself, is this the scientific climate you want for your country?


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1 comentario

23 jun 2021

Wow wow wow. The doctors in this video are so nervous so brave. They're losing everything for us. Incredibly moving. And imagine, MP Derek Sloane had to become an Independent to speak freely. The Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, would call these people, if he hasn't already, Yahoos. Well thank God for the Yahoos! I don't know what mental state I would be in without them.

Me gusta
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