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All The World

It’s so easy to view our current situation through the lens of the local.

The easily seen and heard.

But as we widen our perspective and gaze outward, we always see a different story.

This holds true for any issue in life, and certainly for COVID-19.

Despite the fact that we live in a global village, the coronacrisis narrative has been largely lived in a bubble.

While we continue with mask mandates, social distancing, and vaccine papers, Scandavian is living a completely different reality.

🇩🇰🇳🇴🇸🇪 Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have removed all restrictions.

🇨🇦 Speaking of my own country, I’m not sure if most Canadians are even seeing the images of stadiums and nightclubs filled with people in other countries joyfully socializing in their unmasked natural state — even our neighbours to the south 🇺🇸...

“There is currently no scientific evidence of the direct impact of COVID-19 vaccine certificates on SARS-CoV-2 transmission or population vaccination rates, and there are important ethical, legal, accessibility, and privacy considerations concerning their development and implementation.”

Are those of us living under anti-science authoritarian mandates aware that some countries are successfully handling the virus with early treatment and without experimental injections?

🇮🇳 It wasn’t so long ago that India was in the headlines here, heading for C-19 disaster.

What happened?

Bucking the WHO and other Indian states that chose the “vaccine” route, Goa and Uttarakhand chose Ivermectin…

You can read about this (and a whole lot more) HERE.

With a fully vaccinated population of just 5.8%, the state of Uttar Pradesh used Ivermectin prophylactically, and has now declared the state “COVID-19 free.”

Lots more on that, and the media blackout, HERE.

We have to ask ourselves, what’s happening in the mainstream media when not only is this not being reported, but warnings are issued and information is censored to prevent reporting?

Given the overwhelming body of evidence, why is there an Internet warning label claiming that Ivermectin is for animals?

This “misinformation” label is verifiable misinformation.

“Ivermectin…is one of the most common medicines in the world. ….It also won the Nobel prize because it essentially transformed the health status of huge portions of the globe….It’s been used now for 40 years, 40 billion doses. The WHO has administered mass distribution programs….it’s one of the greatest feats of a medicine in history.”

As I’ve written here previously, Ivermectin is on the WHO list of essential medicines.

But of course, as a now off-label drug, there’s no money to be made in re-purposing it for both early treatment and prevention of C-19 — despite 120 studies.

And then there’s hydroxychloroquine’s effective usage for C-19, and its 356 studies.

(Also on the WHO essentials list.)

In fact, Ivermectin’s use in Africa has not gone unnoticed by everyone...

🇯🇵 Japan looked at this data comparing African countries that already use Ivermectin as a parasite preventative with those that don't, to see how they were fairing with C-19.

They drew a logical conclusion…

The Japanese did another smart thing.

Their strict vaccine guidelines forced Pfizer to disclose confidential findings that other countries weren’t privy to.

These were the documents that viral immunologist and vaccine developer, Dr. Byram Bridle, was able to obtain under the Freedom of Information Act, which caused him to raise the alarm bell about escaped spike proteins in the mRNA injections.

Instead of hailing him as a hero, the media has gone to great lengths to add Dr. Bridle to the growing list of doctors and scientists being smeared and blacklisted.

As a result, many unlikely sources of good medical information have emerged.

One of the biggest researchers of hydroxychloroquine effectiveness in treating C-19 has been a brilliant statistician and educator named Mathew Crawford.

You can go back to one of my first blogs to listen or watch him speak about the corruption of HCQ studies and the justification for Emergency Use Authorization for the C-19 shots HERE.

(His Rounding the Earth newsletter is one of the most credible resources I’ve found, and is worth subscribing to as well.)

🇺🇬 Uganda’s story started on a positive note.

The country began its C-19 campaign with a combination of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D.

“Through mid-July, Uganda had seen over 1,000 cases of COVID-19 without a single fatality---the largest such "perfect record" in the world at that point in time. In late July, citing the World Health Organization's claim of HCQ's lack of efficacy, Uganda dropped HCQ as their standard of care for COVID-19 patients. After that decision, during the last eight days of July, Uganda saw its first six COVID-19 fatalities.”

Read HERE for more on the Uganda story.

🇻🇳 Similarly, Vietnam started with an “effective treatment” back in February 2020, but their perfect record also took a turn for the worse.

“Vietnam began its vaccination campaign on March 8, 2021 after not having suffered a COVID-19 fatality in over six months.… In the nation that had recorded just 35 COVID-19 deaths prior to May 15, 2021, the death toll currently stands at over 10,000 and will likely head toward 20,000 by the end of September, assuming the situation doesn’t worsen.”

Read HERE for more on the Vietnam story.

🇸🇬 Singapore treated C-19 patients early, rather than following the Western world’s unprecedented absence of early treatment.

Again, things changed once these treatments were replaced by vaccination.

“While Singapore’s COVID-19 case fatality rate stood at 0.05% in 2020, it is 0.44% in 2021, an increase of nearly 800%. In all, the number of COVID-19 deaths per day is around five times as high since the outset of its vaccination campaign than it was prior.”

Read HERE for more to the Singapore story.

🇹🇷 Turkey, too, used hydroxychloroquine as part of early treatment.

“Turkey's cumulative [case fatality rate] for all of 2020 was just 0.94% compared to Europe’s 2.30% during the same span…. since the outset of the experimental mass inoculation program in Turkey…COVID-19 deaths per day are 2.27 times as high as before the program started….”

Read HERE for more on the Turkey story.

🇨🇷 Costa Rica provides yet another fine example of the effectiveness of early treatment with hydroxychloroquine — which they learned from China.

“…the WHO convinced Costa Rica and several other nations to stop using HCQ to treat COVID-19 patients, but Costa Rica quickly resumed HCQ treatment protocols when it was clear the recommendation was based on a fabrication.”

Read HERE for more on the Costa Rica story.

You can also see studies and effectiveness with the use of Ivermectin in other Latin American countries.

🇲🇽 Like Mexico, with its use of Ivermectin leading to hospital reduction of 52-76%…

🇦🇷 And Argentina, with its reduction of ICU admissions of 66% and mortality reduced by 55%…

🇵🇪 In an analysis of Peru's nationwide distribution program, there was a 74% drop in regional excess deaths within a month, with each drop beginning 11 days after each regions program started…

🇸🇻 Here’s a clear and simple video explanation of El Salvador’s early and inexpensive C-19 treatment...

None of this is a secret, as much as the government and mainstream media have seemingly tried to make it one.

You can check global C-19 numbers, including death per million, in real time HERE.

While Canada and the US seem trapped in a dystopian use of coercive and unscientific passport measures to force people into an experimental treatment, other countries around the world are dealing with this virus effectively, and perhaps most problematically, inexpensively.

When public figures are demonized for recovering quickly from C-19 by using these well-established and known early treatments, something is very wrong.

Since when do we get upset that people get well?

Why does the media continue to denigrate Ivermectin, a safe and effective drug with decades of evidence, but praise new drugs that are still in clinical trials?

I’ll leave that to you, dear reader, with a last link that may shed a bit more light on the subject…

“It should be noted that in the US, the standard treatment recommendation for the early stage of COVID is palliative, to take Tylenol. (Note, incidentally, that in the US, acetaminophen (Tylenol) overdoses account for more than 100,000 calls to poison control centers, 56,000 emergency room visits and an estimated 458 deaths from acute liver failure each year.42) Therefore, per the Hippocratic oath of do no harm, given the safety of ivermectin and solid indications of clinical efficacy against COVID-19, it is unconscionable to place obstacles to such clinical use.”

It’s time that we look beyond our own borders for a bigger, broader, and better perspective.🌍

(Blog Bites return this week.)


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