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Cultivating Fearlessness

I am at the hospital with my dad because the catheter they put in him after his surgery on Friday is giving him problems. They almost didn't let me in to stay with my dad because I did not have proof of vaccination. I didn't get mad.....I just asked the young woman how she feels about this whole situation. She said she is embarrassed and is only asking these questions so she can keep her job. The security guard was nodding her head in approval. They eventually let me in because a nurse came by and said it was okay. This situation in the province and around the world is about to get worse my friend.

Text message from a friend

Speaking truth to power is almost easy compared to speaking truth to friends and family.

That’s why gathering your tribe is more important than ever.

We all need a soft space to land after a day of facing insanity.

I have a regular reader who started an email correspondence with me.

Like many people, she finds herself avoiding conversations that rock the boat with her loved ones.

And who can blame her?

Like many people, she worries about her family getting endless jabs and what the consequences of an experimental injection with no long-term studies will be for them.

And like many people, she quietly commiserates with her fellow un-jabbed.

I have no advice as to how we breakthrough the tension, the misinformation, and the fear.

But I do know that it starts with what the great food sovereignty advocate and scholar Dr. Vandana Shiva describes as, “cultivating fearlessness.”

In a powerful, thought-provoking, and inspiring Russell Brand interview on one of my favourite podcasts, Under the Skin, Dr. Shiva described The Great Reset as a “project of extermination.”

“If you are creating conditions for most of humanity to not meet their basic needs, and creating a condition in which they can’t exercise their fundamental right to clean air, food, water, freedom, education or mobility…it’s an idea of dispensability equal to the idea of extermination.”

Blaming hubris and greed, she said...

“This is not just happening, it is being made to happen through deliberate action.”

I have written about The Great Reset HERE, and you can easily research it online.

Suffice it to say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

If we are to change direction away from this destructive path, it isn’t enough to just ignore the mainstream media and politicians and their fear-mongering manipulation of scientific evidence.

We must start raising our voices — calmly, clearly, and compassionately.

We must find our line and refuse to cross it.

My line came when my government first contemplated a vax pass in the spring of this year.

I could not have imagined that today the Canadian province of New Brunswick would open the door to allowing grocery stores to ban the unvaxxed. (Read more here 👇)

And now even the vaccinated are beginning to experience the pain of uncontrolled power.

(Read more here 👇)

Is this chilling image of graffiti on a store in Germany enough of a line?

Maybe it is these stories that will provide an opening for discussion.

The government and media have created a false division between vaxxed and unvaxxed.

Our personal medical choices do not make us enemies or even opposites.

We must cultivate fearlessness in order to replace this conversation.

We must talk about human rights and responsibilities.

What freedom means and looks like to each of us.

Where government power starts and ends.

I highly recommend listening to this excerpt of the outstanding discourse between Russel Brand and the incomparable Dr. Vandana Shiva...

And if you’d like to listen to the whole, captivating conversation between Russell and Vandana, you can subscribe to Under the Skin HERE.

Things are getting worse, dear readers.

But these things are happening, at least in part, because the narrative is crumbling.

Those who have staked their careers and reputations on coercing, demonizing, and belittling people who do not comply are doubling down.

They have boxed themselves into a corner and are now making desperate attempts to defend their ineffective actions.

This is the time to stand up for freedom, justice, and love.

There is no room for fear if we are to create new conversations that bring us together to explore, examine, and express our shared values.


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