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Truth or Consequences

“Tricks should not be used, even by one’s own side.”

What’s Up With The Great Reset?

It may sometimes seem hard to believe, but I don’t post the most alarmist information out there.

The truth is, much of what is happening these days is alarming.

So you can’t really blame the messengers for sounding the alarm.

I do aim to present information with as much objectivity as possible.

And I’m failing.

Media, too, fails on this account.

In fact, it’s impossible to be completely objective, and that’s what there is to understand when we read, watch, or hear information from any source.

That’s the beauty of the scientific method -- you create as much objectivity as possible and willingly let others poke holes in your theories and conclusions.

But both science and media are being usurped and manipulated and we need to understand why.

As regular readers know, I have declared my political bias is (or has been) to the left.

In my personal life, I have been a supporter and promoter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

These are noble, life-giving, and concrete goals aimed at making our planet more workable for all.

And so when I first heard the idea of The Great Reset, I didn’t immediately see a problem.

In the marketplace of ideas, this seemed like, well, a great one.

And like all great ideas, it must be presented to the people and allowed to gain momentum based on its merit.

It must be subjected to public discourse and the democratic process.

But this one was not.

When we know that lockdowns and mandatory masking, arbitrary social distancing of 6’, suppression of effective early C-19 treatment protocols, promotion of EUA injections without fully informed consent, and the censorship of scientific debate have caused untold damage, we have to ask, why?

Why were these unfounded protocols put in place?

Yes, we were in a collective panic.

Yes, politicians acted out of survival -- for their constituents and for their careers.

And yes, once these protocols were heavily promoted and pushed there was no backtracking without embarrassment, even though the science showed them to be ineffective at best.

We had Sweden.

And Florida.

The data from all these areas demonstrated that the measures make no difference.

We now know that there have been enormous harms.

So why do some governments still insist on persisting with these dangerous policies?

There is an agenda.

I’ve shared a previous short and essential documentary on this subject HERE.

Today, I’ve got another one that gets into the details of The Great Reset.

In this 2-part documentary, this very well-documented agenda is called out as the instigator of these damaging measures that have denied the freedoms of billions of people in the name of, well, billions of people...

But do they have the right?

Does any governing body have the right to use fear and misinformation to herd people towards an agenda - even if that agenda is purported to be for their own good?

Isn’t that what every authoritarian government has at least declared as their intention?

Democracy cannot be found at the end of a thermometer any more than it can be found at the end of a gun.

I am not a believer in unfettered capitalism.

I have little understanding of economics and am not endorsing Milton Friedman.

But I do know something about human nature and human rights…

“If we can’t persuade the public that it’s desirable to do these things, we have no right to impose them even if we have the power to do it.”

Milton Friedman

We have seen the results of western corporatism creating decades of growing disparity.

We have big problems.

But every spiritual seeker and physicist knows that what you resist persists.

The “war on” anything always results in more of what you are fighting.

Ideas must be allowed to emerge organically.

Debate must be a part of any open and democratic society.

And scientific debate must be an integral part of that.

Listen to this short speech from AI researcher and podcast host, Lex Fridman…

While Canadians observed Canada Day just yesterday, and Americans get set to celebrate Independence Day this weekend, it not only behooves us, but these occasions must prompt us to examine our rights and freedoms.

What is happening in our name?

And what will we do about it?

One pillar propping up this Great agenda is Big Tech.

Social media platforms have been hugely effective at containing (i.e. censoring) scientific debate and evidence of treatments and protocols that could have saved thousands of lives.

The censorship of scientist and DarkHorse podcast host Bret Weinstein is just one example, creating enough of a stir to incite this response from Bill Maher…

I shared Bret’s now YouTube-censored podcast episode on Ivermectin HERE.

(I’ve since posted a link to its new home, so you are free to watch it.)

When you hear these scientists speaking about the overwhelming evidence of early treatment effectiveness of C-19, it is chilling to imagine the conversation at YouTube that would have them make this decision.

But Bret and his fellow scientist/co-host and wife, Heather Heying, are taking action.

Action in which we can all participate.

Listen to their plan here…

Even when we have great ideas, to assume that we can create a positive change with coercion, censorship, fear, and lies is hubris.

Something with this much force will create something else with equal force.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I don’t know what that will be.

“They” don’t know what that will be.

And that is the point.

When we try to contain and control human behaviour with something as unnatural as these pandemic protocols, we are playing with fire.

In the words of Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, "Nature finds a way."

Our messy, flawed, and sometimes disagreeable humanity will out.

“No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…”

Winston Churchill

We must make room for debate and dissension.

Measures have been enforced upon our lives with the pretence of saving us.

While a full year and a half of C-19 has led to less than 4 million deaths (many with covid, not of covid) and the vast majority of these have been the already sick and elderly.

So why haven’t we seen this kind of mobilization of resources, restriction of actually unhealthy habits, and inducement to change behaviours to curtail these big killers?

Why the massively out-of-proportion reaction?

I’ll let you, dear reader, consider the truth of the context…and the consequences.

P.s. Here’s more food for thought for those living in Ontario, home of the most locked down city in the world.


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