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Divided We Fall

Are you on the left or the right?

Religious or atheist?

Pro-vax or anti-vax?

These questions immediately force us into a binary decision.

This or that.

There are no shades of gray or original thinking.

And that is why divide and conquer is such an effective tactic.

Governments and rulers of all kinds have used this strategy for millennia, and today is no different.

I got my tetanus-pertussis-diphtheria vaccine earlier this year, so I’m clearly not anti-vax, but I will not be getting the C-19 injection.

I belong to no religious denomination but I am religiously spiritual.

I have been a lifelong leftist but can no longer find myself anywhere on the political spectrum.

Nuance is problematic for those who wish to rule.

The “left” has convinced the majority of their followers that C-19 mandates are for the common good, and that only the "right" are resistant.

This is a brilliant strategy where those who do what they’re told are good and those who do not….

Well, you’ve heard the bitter vitriol from our politicians.

Those of us not following the narrative are selfish, uneducated, uninformed, right-wing extremist, child-killing kooks.

And yet, it is the working class and children who have suffered the most under these unconstitutional and anti-science mandates.

You have to question the left-right thing when the people protesting these mandates are standing up for ordinary working people and pointing to the hypocrisies of the elite.

How can people who have preached against hate speech and segregation, lauded science and reason, and championed equality and human rights so openly and sometimes feverishly come to support authoritarianism?

How can people not see the degradation and corruption of corporatism?

How can people blindly follow the new PharmaFascism?

Today, I’m sharing a view from the left.

These strange and disturbing times have had me delve into a wide array of opinions in my quest for unbiased or at least accurate reporting.

While the studies I post come from (mostly) uncorrupted, non-political, scientific journals and databases, many articles have come from traditionally right-wing agencies.

Many have also come from independent and citizen journalists picking up the slack.

But this series of remarkably reasoned and researched articles comes from a resource I want to introduce to you…

If you’re European, African, Asian, or South American, you may not have batted an eye.

But if you’re North American, the name alone may trigger resistance.

We need to get past the false divisions of political maneuvering and search for accurate information and informed analysis wherever we can find it.

This is how the cream of ideas rises to the top.

This is the way truth wins.

And when truth wins, we all win.

The link I’m posting is actually part 3 in a series, but you can access parts 1 and 2 from here as well.

The first 2 parts may be of particular interest to those of you who want to converse with people who don’t yet see the dangers of vaccine passes.

Many have given up on those who haven't yet awakened to the fact that this situation we find ourselves in is not about health.

There are times when I have, too.

But we must re-calibrate, find our compassion, and continue to try and build those bridges.

These articles may be an opening.

Here’s an overview…

In Part 3, you will learn about The Milgram Shock Experiment and why, “The human psyche does not appear to have evolved one iota since the unfolding of the horrors of WWII.”

I highly recommend taking the time to read this one.

If you think that genocide is something that can’t happen here (wherever ‘here’ may be), consider this…

“How does a majority come to regard a minority of their fellow citizens as less than human? The short answer is through the removal [of] empathy. By slapping a label on the targeted group, it is transitioned from fellow humans to a collective entity that must be dealt with, a problem to be solved. Once downgraded to the status of a problem – the Unvaccinated – it’s a small step to cast the problem as a threat to the whole of society. The removal of the problem can now be cast as an act of compassion towards those who are not part of ‘the problem’– a bowing to the ‘greater good’. This is the twisted logic by which harming, even killing members of a group, can be perversely labelled as saving lives. This is the process of turning sound minds into sick minds.”

And then consider signing this…

And donating to this…

I've posted resources in other countries as well.

The law is on the side of those who stand for freedom of choice…for now.

Whatever our medical choices, we must stand together.

Grab your favourite beverage and check out the article here 👇


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