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Patently Clear?

How do we determine the truth of something?

The voracity of what we hear or read or even see?

It may seem obvious that we should check the facts.

Or follow the fact-checkers.

But everything we encounter in life is filtered through our personal lenses.

Our history, our experience, our training, our beliefs, our values.

Think about the days when we all watched the same news but still saw things quite differently.

Now that we pick and choose from a seemingly endless array of media outlets, our differences are even greater.

Because we are informed by a different set of “facts” we surmise that those with opposing views are deficient in basic human capacities.

We conclude that they must be ignorant, selfish, stupid, crazy — or have an agenda.

The deck is stacked against mutual understanding, let alone respect.

It’s important to comprehend the groundwork laid for our judgement and vilification of those who think other than we do.

When we recognize this, we can begin to see from another perspective.

It may not change our minds, but we can at least have compassion for the other.

And so I do not blame those who have not yet questioned what we have been told in the mainstream media and by political leaders purporting to protect us.

But why, I would ask, have we witnessed scientist after scientist, doctor after doctor, having their reputations besmirched and social media accounts canceled by so-called fact-checkers?

Why would these scientists put themselves in the line of fire, risking and losing jobs, funding, and even friends?

The blessing and the curse of the Internet is that information flows fast and freely.

We have fact-checkers, but also need fact-checkers for the fact-checkers.

At least one fact-checker site “debunked” the Sars-CoV-2 lab leak theory based on scientific consensus.

Many social media outlets censored the mere mention of such a theory.

Turns out, that theory is likely true.

Credible scientists have demonstrated how the virus must be man-made.

The US government has begun an inquiry.

With so many conflicting stories and so-called facts, we can no longer take what we read at face value.

We must begin to cultivate and promote common sense.

Why, we must ask ourselves, has so much effort gone into promoting an experimental injection for a disease that is far down the list of lethal diseases?

Why the massive measures for a disease that barely created any excess death?

And if the injection is safe and effective, why coerce people with scare tactics and lotteries?

Why the suppression of early treatment, or even discussion of early treatment?

Why have anti-scientific arguments denying commonly understood natural immunity been perpetuated by “experts” and the media?

Why have pharmaceutical companies been allowed to avoid liability for their vaccine products?

Why is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, a 30-year-old, established database run by the CDC and the FDA suddenly being attacked as unreliable?

We must learn to listen to our gut instincts when they tell us something is off.

The public is being misinformed and are acting on the basis of the information they’re given.

I continue learning to let go of my anger towards those who do us harm in the name of protecting us.

Many are doing what they think is right.

But not all of them.

And that’s why I write this blog.

I write because I sense that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

People must not be kept from the uncomfortable truth, even if it’s hard to align with our worldview.

Those who haven’t yet questioned the ethics of enticing children with a 0% statistical risk of dying of C-19 to try an experimental medical treatment without parental consent or informed consent using ice cream and donuts, may not be open to digging deeper.

It may cause too much cognitive dissonance.

But I have read, watched, and listened to “experts” and “leaders” tell their side.

And I have read, watched, and listened to those opposed to “the new normal.”

I have observed the former gaining unprecedented power and profits, and the latter losing friends, colleagues, reputation, and income.

I’ve seen evolutionary biologist Dr. Bret Weinstein written up on Wikipedia as a spreader of disinformation.

I’ve seen and listened to the chilling audio recording of surgery professor Dr. Francis Christian being fired “without cause” for raising safety concerns about the C-19 vaccine for children, with no opportunity to defend himself.

I’ve seen the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, removed from (and then reinstated on) LinkedIn, now having his credentials questioned.

And so it came as no surprise when Dr. David Martin was reportedly debunked after this thorough and shocking interview with German class-action lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.

We are not being told these stories in the mainstream media.

Our information is being filtered in ways we could not have imagined a few decades ago.

Even our questions are being manipulated.

Look at this example provided by one of my current favourite investigative writers…

Think about the power of a search engine to influence our answers, our opinions, and even our actions.

We’ve all had the experience of Google seeming to read our thoughts.

But we need to consider that they’re also shaping them.

In the case of the corona investigation being led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, I’d already watched his group in a powerful documentary that led to me starting this blog.

I’ve also observed legal rumblings from around the world.

The Indian Bar Association served notice to the WHO Chief Scientist for “spreading disinformation and misguiding the people of India…” by ignoring the massive research showing the effectiveness of Ivermectin.

This Twitter video features a British lawyer referring to the C-19 vaccine program as a crime against humanity…

And the Constitutional Rights Centre here in Canada is joining forces with international lawyers to fight false C-19 claims.

Something is afoot.

In today’s featured interview, Dr. Fuellmich listens as patent expert Dr. David Martin explains in minute detail the process by which the CDC “invented” Sars-CoV-2 through the misuse of patent law and collusion with pharmaceutical companies.

It can take time to figure out what is fact.

There is so much we don’t want to believe.

In the past, I never allowed myself to consider the extent of corruption in the world.

It was too dark and seemingly scary.

It can be easier to put on blinders (or masks).

But since I began looking the evidence in the eye, I have discovered a paradox.

When you cease to hide from the darkness and allow yourself to experience the heartbreak and outrage, you no longer fear it.

You move through it and come out the other side, stronger and more resilient, calm and clear-headed.

I can now ask hard questions of myself and others.

If I’m wrong about something I’ve written, I have no problem admitting it.

Because I know what I stood by was based on what I stood for.

Freedom of choice, dignity of person, integrity in all things.

My opinions are based in the information I now have.

I was wrong to support lockdowns and masking in the beginning.

But even that was based on what I knew then.

In this video, Dr. Martin documents a series of events that began over 20 years ago, in order to create an unprecedented demand for a vaccine product.

If you’re willing to consider the evidence, watch this game-changing interview.

In a world of opposing views and disputed “facts” I go back to using common sense and learning to listen to and trust my instincts.

I’m not telling you what to think.

And I’m by no means recommending against logic and reason.

Quite the opposite.

When we are still enough to quiet our thoughts, we remove emotional reactivity from the equation.

We are then able to hear our gut, feel our instincts, and use our minds.

This next period in our history is critical.

And so I invite you, dear reader, to watch, listen, and do your own critical thinking...


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