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A Gentle Jab

Let's end the week on a light note...

Before I started this blog, I sent my old subscribers some crucial information about vaccine passports.

A year before, I had been trained to think the idea was “crazy conspiracy theory.”

I did, however, remember a video I’d seen at least 10 years prior, where Dr. Naomi Wolf made the case for the march of fascism in the United States, which she wrote about in her 2008 book, The End of America.

(I’ve written about the last stage that we’re currently in HERE.)

But that was political, and I couldn’t imagine that health would be politicized.

And that was the US, and certainly it could never happen in liberal, democratic, reasonable Canada.

My naivety continues to implode.

I wanted to assure people that any trepidation in investigating this outrageous idea was normal.

I had compassion and understanding because I'd been there.

But I had also watched a disturbing and mandatory short documentary that I wrote about and linked to HERE.

If you haven’t seen this exposé on “Build Back Better” and wonder what might be going on behind the scenes, you really owe it to yourself to watch.

And then our Canadian Prime Minister announced that vaccine passports were seriously being considered.

(Bare with me. I am getting to the light stuff.)

With the still prevalent use of fear to drive people into submission, I wanted my friends and (former) followers to have some understanding of the implications of a document that would segregate and track people with unprecedented power.

A document that would create medical Apartheid, or what Harvard Epidemiologist Dr. Jay Bhattacharya described as, “a new Jim Crow."

A few people thanked me.

Most ignored me.

One person called it “garbage.”

I wished her good health.

What else is there to do when intelligent, (formerly) logical people stop thinking for themselves?

I’m willing to put my reputation on the line because I want people to have the freedom to choose, knowing the facts.

I want people to have agency over their own bodies.

I want people to have their constitutional right, their human right, to informed consent.

But you can’t make people read, look at the data, or listen to reason - not when they are operating from a state of fight, flight, or freeze.

So how do we get in?

How do we communicate the outlandishness of vaccinating anyone other than those vulnerable to a disease?


I’ll end the week with this video about the absurdity of punishing people for their private health choices, and making those choices public…

For those with a darker sense of humour, check out health advocate and truth-teller Ivor Cummins' "sinister orange man" takedown of Tony Blair...

Appreciate irony?

Okay with sarcasm?

And a final nod to absurdity…

Find joy and laughter this weekend...and unmask your smile!


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